The Kings
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The Kings
The street was bare and the sun was setting in a suburb of Las Vegas. Liter was rolling on the pavement, being drifted by the wind. Gunfire rang out a few blocks away. The only person on the street was a guy people called Fresh and his friends. Fresh and his friends made up a gang called The Kings. Fresh started the gang to protect themselves against other rival gangs and for local recognition. The gunfire didnt even faze the gang; they kept walking like they had not even heard it. The Kings were on their way to a local drug lords house to settle some business. Fresh kicked in the door and the other 7 members rushed the house with guns in their hands.

This movie is about the gang called The Kings. The kings started out with one member (Fresh), who wanted to become more recognized and earn more respect. Fresh and a few friends start out by joining a well-established gang called Black panthers. Fresh and his crew committed small crimes for the Black Panthers until he felt they were big enough branch apart. This is when Fresh names the gang The Kings. The gang grew quickly out of the intimidation of others. The Kings became known for dealing large amounts of drugs that include heroine, coke, weed, and ecstasy.

The Kings began to develop a rivalry with another gang in the rising called the Thirteen gang. These two gangs begin to develop a lot of hatred towards each other and violence begins. The two gangs battle each other for rights to turf (land) and respect for their gangs.

The cameras will fallow The Kings as they steal, kill, and deal drugs around Las Vegas. The main character of the movie is Fresh. Fresh builds his gang into a highly respected gang with over 300 members. Fresh and his gang also try to pull off the biggest heist in the states history. The Kings are planning on stealing over 2.2 million dollars from a highly known casino. There is one big clash between The Kings and the Thirteen gang that results in 22 dead.

The Kings go from a one-member gang and doing small crimes for another gang to being a 300 plus member gang that owns the streets of Las Vegas. There is a lot of drama and events in between but it all pays off for Fresh.

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