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Harvard Business School – Ritz-Carlton Hotel Management Company to Continue
Harvard Business School – Ritz-Carlton hotel management company to continue
Ritz-Carlton, the 2002 work of recruitment from 22 to 8 at 8:00 on the 23rd to eight p.m., Ritz held a lecture entitled through resumes of job seekers are invited to the recruitment site (site is still active when held under construction), follow the steps through the hiring process. Ritz-Carlton hope that through this two-day recruitment activities which can be selected with the success of the Ritz-Carlton The service-oriented job seekers thought.

subway station in the valley fog, the Ritz-Carlton has arranged three uniformed staff recruitment site for job seekers to the route specified, and hung next to the work of a substantial recruitment posters. from the subway station leading to the recruitment site of the channel are marked with a dark blue ribbon. Just outside the entrance to the recruitment site, job seekers will see a marked The Ritz-Carltons staff will welcome and good luck to them, accompanied by job-seekers in the accompaniment of violin music into the hotel floor. then people will welcome job seekers until the time of registry, where job seekers will enjoy the Claude Hedspeth electronic piano. This is the Claude Hedspeth performance in its 25-year career for the first time at the fair for the performance at work.

in the waiting room, job seekers can enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks. Ritz-Carlton is playing the video, Schulze in about his early experiences of working hours as a dishwasher, as well as other Ritz-Carlton employees describe their experiences in the company. In provide candidates with a basic personal information, they will enter the standard selection process. First, the job seekers to fill out a screening questionnaire. those who have passed the initial screening of applicants will be eligible to receive professional sexual interview., each applicant will be escorted to see them off at, where they will be grateful to participate in this advertised, and received a Ritz-Carlton chocolate. Finally, job seekers will be accompanied by staff to leave the hotel.

to the first day of the two in the afternoon, approximately more than 400 job seekers through the initial screening. At this point , each of the hotel staff, from general manager to the bottom staff, are put into the service work as greeters, clerical staff, and the interviewer and other staff to pass all this occurred in the local news media began to hype this Hotel ago. As the Washington area from the opening of the last luxury hotel has more than a decade, and television journalists to seize this opportunity, flocked to Taiwan reported the work of the recruitment event.

the next day you can still feel the impact of the job fair, about 1,500 job seekers came to compete. The next day will be the end of the recruitment, about 2,300 people through the selection process; and early 1700 in addition to the work of recruitment

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