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Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that is an industry leader in using polymer materials to provide solutions for their customer’s challenges. Riordan Manufacturing utilizes four physical locations in Pontiac, MI, Albany, GA, China and their corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA. The Chief Operating Officer, Hugh McCauley, is requesting a detailed system design and a project implementation plan to integrate the existing variety of HR tools into a single integrated application. This document will identify the key stakeholders that we will gather requirements from, the techniques and systems analysis tools used to gather this information, project feasibility, identify the key factors to ensure the information is gathered successfully and explain the scope of the project and its importance.

Key Stakeholders
Riordan Manufacturing has a number of stakeholders that will be involved in this process. The key stakeholders that will be used for information gathering are Dr. Michael Riordan, President & CEO, Hugh McCauley, Chief Operating Officer, Dale Edgel, Chief Financial Officer, Yvonne McMillan, Director of Human Resources, Andrea Gamby, Employee Relations Manager, Terri Carranza, Compensation & Benefits Manager, Silvja Peterson, Payroll Manager, Eric Myers, Recruiter-Professional Staff, Mari Carillo, Training & Development Specialist, Chad Sterken, Safety Manager, and Maria Trinh, Chief Information Officer. Defined end users within the company should be included in the information gathering stage to determine needs that are required for daily use of the system in real working situations. Additional stakeholders will be defined on an as needed basis depending on information collected from the previous listed individuals.

Information Gathering & Systems Analysis Tools
Individual interviews with the stakeholders will be performed with regards to the current system in place as well as features that are needed that are not present. The individual interviews will also be used to assist in the creation of use cases for project development. Group interviews will be held as brainstorming sessions to discover processes or ideas that may not have been captured during individual interviews. Virtual JAD sessions will be incorporated to utilize the networking capabilities Riordan has recently implemented to save cost against traveling for additional information gathering.

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