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Human are born differently. The easiest way to group them into two is gender, which is male and female. Male and female are different from their physical appearance and also their thoughts. They share different opinions and perspectives. Thus, is there a possibility that they are treated differently too? Women claim that they are treated differently which makes them think theres a social gap between male and female. Some female even argue that theyre treated as “pregnancy diagnostic tools” as they have to give born to a son to carry on a family line. Is it true? To explore whether gender discrimination among women exists globally in society, analysis of the different point of view seems to be a very important step.

Rights of women seem to be more focused nowadays as everyone is qualified to have their education. Thus, women are way more confident to fight for their rights in order to have a better life. Some of the people states that women are already treated fairly. Not only do they have opportunity to get higher position in workplace but also getting same equal rights of vote and voicing their opinion regardless of any situation.

Laws and tradition have been blamed to be the main reason that women dont get a chance to be promoted to a higher position in a company or country. In addition, the term “glass ceiling” has been used for this phenomenon. Todd Lally, insurgent GOP nominee for Congress in the states 3rd Congressional District, claims that glass ceiling doesnt exist from his point of view as his wife is a woman who success in her career. Thus, he assumed that every other woman can also be sucessful. This is what he said at a debate (2010): “I look at womens issues like any other issue. We have equal rights in this country, we have fought — women have fought very hard for those equal rights. Uh, its up to them. I mean my wife is a working woman, she works very, very hard and shes been very successful. Ive not seen any barriers in her career and I dont believe that exists.” Thus, some do believes that women can be successful but they just give up their career preference due to family issues.

In the past, women usually stay at home as a homemaker. The only thing they need to do is to make sure family members are being take care of. However, women nowadays not only have responsible on taking care of her family but also play a part as a financial support in a family. They have their ability and chance be employed and get salary. Women also have rights to vote in elections or even take part in political activities. New Zealand is the first country in the world to give women the right to vote followed by Finland, Norway etc. In fact, Pratibha Patil from India, Angela Merkel from Germany, Mary McAleese from Ireland etc was president for their country and they are all female. Eventually, this shows that women discrimination no longer exist as they are served with the same rights like men do.

Although some of the people have been asserted that gender discrimination among women doesnt exist as they already have the same treatment between men and women. Some of the people still argued that gender discrimination among women exist. This argument comes with strong evidence which is statistics that point out inequality in pay and pension and also facts that show priority is given to men in poor countries.

Those who support this argument that gender discrimination among women does exist claims that there is statistic on inequality in pay and pension between male and female. According to the article of Tom Poe on Economics Newspapers (2011), “The pay gap between women and men has remained unchanged over the past year. On average, the gross hourly pay of women 23 percent less than men, as the Federal Statistics Office on Thursday to mark the “Equal Pay Day” on 25 March said”. Therefore, it is a fact that inequality in pay takes place even if theyre engaged in the same occupation and have an equivalent qualification. In addition, an article states that: “a study entitled Pension levels in 2001: a gross average of EUR 1,126 per month for those aged 60 and over, (Etudes et Résultats, DREES, July 2002) carried out by DREES (2002), in the Ministry

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