I Am Still Alive!
I Am Still Alive!
Axel Allavo        Mrs. Princess B. ToweEnglish 101-01720 October 2014Narrative Essay I Am Still Alive!      We all have been through at least one a terrible experience that was a turning point in our lives. The kind of experience that make some people change the way they see life and the way they want it to be. For me that turning point was three years ago when I survived a serious motorcycle accident.     I am in the dark I can’t see anything, Am I dead? Am I alive? What happened? I’m trying to remember… I remember it was about six o’clock in evening that Saturday the Fourth of July 2011. It was the first day of the summer vacation, and I was driving my motorcycle with my cousin behind me. We were going to buy some food for dinner. I remember arriving at a traffic light; I remember seeing the light turn green; I remember accelerating; I remember seeing a gray car coming fast on my right side; I remember trying to avoid him…and again nothing, only the dark.

Suddenly I opened my eyes; I was lying on the road. I heard a lot of noise and there was a lot of people around me.  I saw a woman leaning over me. She was holding my right hand and telling the crowd to back up and let me breath. When she noticed that I was awake, she told me, “Don’t worry you’re okay the ambulance is coming but don’t try move. Your right leg is broken” At that precise moment, I started to feel an unbelievable pain in my right leg; it was so painful that I started to cry. I looked around me trying to find someone, I asked the lady “where is my cousin? Is he okay?” she showed me where he was and told me to not worry, he was fine. That was true. Despite the fact that he had several wounds, he was definitely looking finer than I was. I started to cry again, but this time it was not because of the pain, it was because I was happy to see my cousin alive and happy to know that I was still alive too. I knew that I was lucky. The ambulance finally came and took us to the hospital.

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