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I am a student of life that yearns for wisdom and is driven by moralistic values. No one has all of the answers, but I try to gain the wisdom and instruction to get ahead in life. I want to have the knowledge that will be needed when faced with obstacles that life will eventually challenge me with. I want to receive and utilize this knowledge at a youthful age in order to reap the benefits of enjoying a successful life. Whether it is accomplishing a goal, giving advice, or staying in the right frame of mind, I want to be able to do so, on my own. When I can’t do it myself, I will attain a wise council to assist me. My friends and family are my guides and helpers. I was blessed to have these people in my life who truly love me, keep me focused, and try to help me succeed in whatever I attempt to accomplish. I love being a part of the business atmosphere. It is a place where I obtain attention naturally and my humble disposition is appreciated. It is also a place where I believe morals and values will flourish because ethics are an all-important element in the business world. Enron, Kmart, and World Com are examples of what happens when good ethics aren’t practiced. I will engage in challenging endeavors and develop into a productive citizen.

Communtiy service involvement is an important factor in being a productive citizen. It comes in a variety of ways; From picking up trash, to being a mentor for a student or younger sibling. It comes from the heart. I have contributed to society at a young age. I am a role model for my younger brother and sister. I try not to litter. I always give advice that is in the best interest of friends. This passed summer, I assisted with a political campaign for state reprensative LeMar Lemmons.

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