Song ‘rich Girl’ Featuring Eve and Produced by Dr. Dre
Song ‘rich Girl’ Featuring Eve and Produced by Dr. Dre
Song ‘Rich girl’ featuring Eve and produced by Dr. Dre.
Album: L.A.M.B
Gwen is fantasizing about being wealthy and how it would make her feel if she was the richest person in the world. She would never run out of money. Men could not test her to see if she was a gold digger and influence her with their money. She dreams about all the things she could buy with the money. Gwen mentions that she would buy all of Vivenne Westwood’s items in her Galliano gown. (Vivenne Westwood is a top notch British clothing designer. Started her career early 70’s and first designer gown Gwen wore was made by John Galliano.) She would have homes in Hollywood and London because she doesn’t want to be restricted to just one neighbourhood. She’d get four Harajuku girls. Harajuku girls are a group of Japanese girls from Harajuku district who wear bright colours mixed up with lots of funky clothing especially hello kitty.They would enliven her and save her. She would dress them wicked and give

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