Ho Chi Minh
This paper explores the social, political, and military foundation that Ho Chi had set up in Vietnam and the extent to which that foundation supported the decolonization process of the country from 1919 to 1946. In order for any revolution to take place, some vital criteria should be satisfied, including: revolutionary ideas, revolutionary method, revolutionary party, and revolutionary army as well as national and international aid. Throughout the essay, the role of Ho in creating these vital elements in Vietnam would be evaluated. For example, his role in promoting Marxism into Vietnam to unite the people under the same idea; in creating the revolutionary force of Vietminh as well as training them guerrilla technique to fight against a much more powerful French army; in creating the Communist Party of Vietnam to guide the people during the revolution as well as in calling for support from Russia, China and even France. In conclusion, Ho played a very important part in preparing Vietnam for a revolution against French colonial rule.

Throughout my essay, I use various sources of information in

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