Proposal of a Consulting Project for Dbku
Executive SummaryThis report is about a proposal of a consulting project for DBKU. The main issues covered in this project are the recruitment and retention of volunteers for DBKU’s future community events. Several implications have been derived from the external environment analysis regarding the factors that influence youth volunteerism. In particular, it was discovered that a culture of volunteerism is sorely lacking in Malaysia which causes youths to remain passive in volunteering. Hence, the proposal is targeted to solve the two main issues of DBKU related to volunteerism. The primary idea of the proposal was to set up a volunteers club in the university. Through the volunteers club, a recruitment program and reward program can be implemented to recruit and retain volunteers respectively. Under the three stages of the recruitment program (promotion, recruitment and expansion), the volunteers club will act as a platform for university students to get involved in volunteering. The first volunteers club will be formed in Swinburne University, followed by an expansion of volunteers club in other major universities in Kuching, for instance USCI, Unimas and more. In this way, the recruitment program can help to recruit more volunteers for DBKU by attracting more university students to join the club. On the other hand, rewarding volunteers is one of the effective ways to maintain their spirit and passion to stay active in volunteering. Hence, the proposed reward program focused on the soft skills development training program as a form of beneficial reward for the volunteers. Volunteers are not being paid because their kind contribution is priceless. By offering them skills in return, they can utilise the skills in voluntary work as well as in the workplace in future. Following the implementation of the proposal, a budget plan with estimated costs for the recruitment and reward programs has been included in the report as well. On top of that, the anticipated challenges during the implementation phase have been identified and solutions to the challenges have been provided. In particular, the challenges include budget constraint, time constraint, lack of commitment to run the club and safety concerns associated with indoor and outdoor voluntary activities. 1.0        IntroductionThe purpose of this report is to present our proposal to our client, DBKU about the approaches to effectively recruit and retain youths for their voluntary programs. Having analysed the external environment, the report will include a discussion on the few factors that may influence youths to volunteer. It allows DBKU to acknowledge the underlying causes of the issues faced by them in getting volunteers to participate in their programs. Next, this report also includes the recommendations to solve the issues which are through the recruitment program and reward program conducted by the volunteers club. Further in this report, the implementation of the programs and the details of the activities will be presented. Other information such as the possible challenges during the implementation phase and solutions to the challenges are included in this report as well. The information gathered for this written report is mainly obtained from the secondary sources such as online websites and Swinburne University Library database that include online newspaper, ebooks and online journals articles.

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