Demographic Variables
The demographic variables for the sample were obtained by using ACORN Star classifications. The classifications include the average age, level of income and education as well as lifestyle preferences of people living in certain geographical areas. The results of this study indicate that these factors have no influence on attitude toward mobile advertising in general or attitude toward mobile advertisement. However, gender seems to influence specifically attitude toward mobile advertisement. While men and women have a neutral attitude toward mobile advertising in general women seem to respond more favorable to the advertisements they receive. This result is in line with Leppäniemis (2008) findings that women are more responsive to mobile advertising. In addition Leppäniemis results indicated that income level had no influence on attitude which was also implied by the results of this studyuvariables may not determine how consumers view advertising or how they make purchase decisions. In effect, as discussed in chapter 2.1.4. James and Kover (1992) suggest that demographic variables do not work as the basis for segmentation. As Urban (2004) states, modern consumer behavior is increasingly hard to predict. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the notion that demographics do not provide accurate representations of contemporary consumers and their lifestyles. Therefore it is increasingly important to target the actual needs of consumers. When when it comes to mobile advertising, brand attitude may not have such a central role in the formation of purchase intentions as suggested by previous research. Instead, the advertisement itself influences purchase intentions. The reason for the strong relationship between attitude toward advertisement and purchase intention may be that the mobile phone encourages direct response. Therefore if the offer presented in the advertisement is interesting or relevant enough, the respondent may react immediately regardless of

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