Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
‘The tragic end to Romeo and Juliet is a result of human actions, not fate, as the Prologue suggests,’ discuss.
The death of characters Romeo and Juliet brings a tragic end to the play. But unlike the suggestion that fate is what caused the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, it is the human actions of most of the characters that drives Romeo and Juliet to their untimely death.

The Prologue suggests of these results of fate using terms such as “star-cross’d lovers” and “misadventur’d piteous overthrows”, both of which define Romeo, Juliet and their actions as ill-fated and unfortunate. Fate can only play such a part in two lives, letting the actions of Romeo and Juliet as well as the actions of others take control of their fiery descent.

As young lovers in a time when your marriage was arranged by your parents, both Romeo and Juliet, together and apart, created disasters which lead them to their death. With the added worry of the fact their families were worst enemies and have been quarrelling for generations, they have to make decisions in difficult situations. These decisions are unfortunately overcome by their emotions, leading the young lovers to make it harder for themselves to survive together. This can be seen when Romeo says after Mercutio’s death, “And fire-ey’d fury be my conduct now!” Even after he realises

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