Respect Meaning
The word respect means to show regard or consideration for the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or particular views. This means that even though you may not agree with the way a person behaves, you have no right to totally dismiss the idea and be inconsiderate to them. Respect comes from understanding another persons position and how they got to where they are, understanding the sacrifices that are made, and understanding that behind closed doors everyone has something that they are dealing with and you dont even know half the story. The Golden rule is to treat others the way you wish to be treated. And I do believe that everyone would like to be respected, therefore, we should treat each other with respect. Our guest speaker who came in on Thursday taught us a lot of respecting a persons right to live, essentially.

As Girls we owe it to ourselves to be respectful, because we need girly, comforting socialization. Girls are catty and this endows us with the power to ruin a life, because of the fact that you do not like something about that person. When girls fight, it is with the intention to ruin all hopes for the other girl to live comfortably with friends and love, and this is not okay. Whenever we say something to someone, we must remember that words are damaging; a simple insult could really hit hard with someone who may be dealing with, and because you never got around to understanding that person, you would have seriously wounded them or made them feel less secure about themselves and the qualities that they possess. Another form of Cattiness that girls use all the time is the passive aggressive behavior. In my case it was the entering into a certain friends room when I knew it would provoke and annoy someone, whose passive aggressive mumbling, all day, had annoyed me.

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