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Resident Evil Code Veronica for the Dreamcast has everything a Dreamcast
owner could want in a game: Wonderful graphics, superb sound quality, an
awesome storyline, and over 30 hours of gameplay to boot. Resident Evil
Code Veronica (RE:CV) is the best survival horror game on the mass
market, and everyone who owns a Dreamcast should own it. And so should
everyone else.
The visuals in RE:CV are the some of the best on the Dreamcast. The
character models are realistic and move just like their real-life
counterparts would. The characters look real, and even the real-time
cut-scenes look better than the FMV videos in the game. RE:CV has plenty
of cool lighting and special effects. The games runs very smoothly, and
there is no slow-down at all. My only gripe is that there is some fog
deep in the background, but this is only used as a visual effect, not to
hide pop-up. Key word here: Eye-Candy.
RE:CV has some of the best sound effects Ive ever heard. From zombies
wailing to bats screeching, every sound is reproduced realistically and
is crystal clear. Thank god that RE:CV is on a GD-ROM, or else the sound
quality would have greatly dropped. The music is also great. It really
sets the mood of the game, and it changes as the flow and speed of the
game changes. When an enemy approaches or you are in a boss-fight, the
music becomes tense and can really make you quiver in fear. Spectacular.
Controlling your character was always somewhat of a problem of the past,
and RE:CV is no different. Although moving your character can be
troublesome at first for beginners, vets will know it by heart, and will
have no trouble manuvering either Claire or Chris. Aiming your weapon is
simple and targeting multiple targets was never so easy. You can even
shoot two guns at once, and shoot two different enemies at the same
time, John Woo-style. This adds another element to the game, and gives
you a slight advantage in this creepy world of survival-horror.
The gameplay of RE:CV is what makes it stand out from the rest of the
pack. Yeah, the visuals are nice, but its when you get sucked into the
Resident Evil world that you finally realize that this is as good as it
gets. The game is deep, provided you know how to use the items presented
for you, and the game has a fantasic storyline. RE:CV is an actual
sequel to Resident Evil 2, unlike Resident Evil 3. RE:CV ties up most
loose ends in the Resident Evil universe, but never fully reveals all of
Umbrellas past. This is great, because it makes you want to play more,
and therefore increasing the replay value way up. And speaking of replay
value, RE:CV has plenty. It contains of over 30 hours of gameplay, plus
extra modes that you can receive after beating the game. It comes on two
discs, and has a zapping system simliar to Resident Evil 2. Overall, the
best Resident Evil game in the series, and one of the best playing games
of all-time.
Buy it right now. Or wait until the retailers actually get some more
copies of RE:CV in stock, because its so hot right now. 🙂
RE:CV is one of the best reasons to own a Dreamcast, and if you dont
own one yet, RE:CV is a game that will make you purchase a Dreamcast.

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