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Journal Requirements: A total of five are required, no less than 250 words each. (5×5 – 25)
Plot summary – also relate events or characters in your novel o other works you have read, events in society or events in your own life.
Setting – tell how the setting is established, how it contributes to the development of the plot, and your thoughts on the setting the author chose.
Theme- describe the main theme of the novel and any sub-themes. How do these themes relate to other works you have read, events in society, or personal events.

Imagery/Symbols- Analyze any repeated references to a set of images that the author uses. Tell how they are effective and what they add to the work.
Style- Note the arrangement of words and ideas. Point of view, figurative language, language level, rhythm, coherence and sentence structure all play a role. Show your impression of the novel by including four to five quotations that are memorable, and explain why you chose each one.

Written Imaginative Response: Choose one topic. Write a minimum of 500 words in response. 10 marks.
1) Re-write the ending of the novel as you would have liked it to end
2) Choose a 2 page passage from the novel and rewrite it from another point of view.
3) Interview a character from the novel for a feature article or show
4) Write a diary entry for one of your characters
5) Draft an obituary or epilogue for one character in your novel
Research Report: consult a minimum of four sources (books, online sources, articles, academic journals, or film, t.v, radio or print interviews) for a 1500 word report based on two of the following. (15×2=30) Remember to include a people bibliography. 5 marks.


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