The Impact Divorce Has on Children
Essay Preview: The Impact Divorce Has on Children
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The Impact of Divorce on Children
Robin Jackson
Liberty university
S tress is one of the most emotional disorders, our children acquire depression and stress when a family decides that divorce is the only answer, after all has been tried to save the marriage. Children seem to suffer the most when watching two parents dissolve a once loving relationship .

This report will show the emotional stress a child carries during and after the divorce, while it is important to include a child when decisions are being made. Sometimes a therapist may help with a child when coping with a situation as divorce. Children sometimes builds anger with one or both parents and become non responsive to the situation.

When there is marital turmoil which can produce childhood disorders such as stress, disruption of attachment bonds and altered discipline practices. Therapist for a child while divorce is taking place may be a solution or an understanding for the child.

The impact of parental conflict on childrens post-divorce adjustment has received considerable attention in the literature. Most theorists agree that parental conflict, at the very least, provides some negative influences for childrens adjustment to the divorce. For instance, it has been found that conflict can affect childrens self-esteem, ability to adjust to social competence and behavior

This research paper will also point out some of the key research findings and facts. In some circumstances divorce can be positive or detrimental to a child. In so many of the journals, divorce has been noted as having a negative impact on children. As I research this topic I will show key factors of the impact divorce has on children.

In the United States today it has been estimated that nearly half of all couples that marry will end their relationship through divorce, but what happened to those promising words, “until death do us part?”

Years ago families lived by a verse in their vows that said I will be by your side until one of us dies, that vow is still there, but how long does it last? How many children will be caught up in a dragged out battle ling feud of their parents.

Millions of children feel the impact of divorce no matter when it occurs. Question is how long these effects will last and will the child outcome the depression or acceptance of this frightful time. Finding yourself can be a good goal while going through the impact of divorcing parents. Theres not much thought of oneself when trying to figure out what happening with our parents. Children are way too young to worry about anything, but growing up, having fun and learning to grow.

There are so many adult children that feel lost, unwanted and displaced. ((Abbas, 2004). Some of the facts in this book were agreeable. This book is religious and spiritual and it helped me as an individual, because I to seen and felt the impact of divorce. I had Christ in my life until divorce the divorce took way our studies of Christianity. Children begin to think theyre the reason the divorce happened anyway. This is when a child may get ignored for so many questions as to why.

Parents should think before they speak and realize what this non-understanding situation has on their children. Some parents will discuss the divorce before it starts to take place, but do they really include all the gory details of this break-up? Oh did I mention the parent gets what, the choosing of where and how that child will live after the divorce. Decisions, decisions. It can be very confusing for a child to express what their feelings are to this, but get brushed off and told It is what It is. Parents seem to feel at ease when they see their children adjusting, but in reality the adjustments are just a cover up to all the hurting a child has from divorce. (Abbas, 2004).

Parents can make things a little easier by expressing their unconditional love for the child, and assuring that the future will be ok. I would like to show some long term effects.

Feels of loss of home
Hard time accepting love
Avoids close relationships
Doubts own happiness in a marriage
There is little hope that these statistics will ever diminish completely. Even though divorce has decreased slightly. One factor that plays a difficult role is the between parents conflict (where a child has to choose one over the other). Conflict between parents plays a dual role, both as part of the explanation for the link between parental separation and child outcomes and as an independent influence on child outcomes. It is clear, nevertheless, that post-separation conflict which is sarcasm and ongoing, which places the children of disputation in a hard predicament. We have been taught that family is the fundamental social institution; It is the basic unit of society. (Amato). (1993).

Many of us will not come to compete closure in a divorce of parents, because when family get-togethers, holidays, come around each year a child will remember and start a downward depression, because the family is not like how it was. By embracing the identity that Christ offers one, an adult child can replace those losses with something better. The Journal of Marriage states high divorce rates in the United States over the past 20 years. With the most effects being on children. 1970 12% of American families were single parent families with children under 18.

By 1984, one fourth of American families and 60% of black families were single parents. A number of studies use recent social and demographic trends to predict childrens future living arrangements, while these predictions vary; the consensus is that most youth will spend some time alone prior to age 18 in a single parent

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