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I guess the best way to describe a person such as myself is the little guy thats full of surprises. Standing at 52, weighing in at only 100 pounds, you wouldnt expect much of me. However I have done many things in my life that I am so proud of. I started Martial arts around the age of 4 and today I hold a black belt that I cherish so much. The discipline, integrity, and hard work that I had to put in have shaped who I was and who I am to become. Then around the age of 10, I drowned and was actually dead for about 10 seconds until my brother saved my life. Now ever since then I have so many close calls of death that I cant even count. When that event happened, I started to look at each day with so much joy. Im not even supposed to be alive. I live each day with no regrets and I try my hardest in just about all the things that I participate in. Another thing I want you to know is my first term in High school. I was going though a rough time. I came from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and had many friends. It was one of the happiest years of my life. However most of my friends, if not all attended a different high school than I. Then, for whatever reason, they decided to hate me and refuse to keep contact with me. It devastated me. Here I was going to a school with no prior friends and trying to figure it all out made it even worst. I became cold to others and didnt care about my academic performance. I would skip class simply to stay home and do nothing. I was a wreck. My 1st term, to put it mildly, was a failure. When I got the report card, I mentally slapped myself and got back on track. Suffice it to say, I achieved a 4.0 at the end of my freshman year. Another thing that I am proud of is my leadership. Thats shown in the 4 different clubs that I have been Secretary, Vice-President, and President of. Also, is the captain spot that I have in wrestling which I have been Varsity of for 3 years. Just like Martial Arts, it has pushed me to my limit and allowed me to exceed them. For that, I am happy. It has shaped my personality to take responsibility and do the things that must be done.

Now I like to take this opportunity to take about my preparation for college. In all honesty, I never thought of my educational opportunities as a way to prepare for college. All the

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