Ethical Leadership
Global ethic is a minimal necessary agreement concerning with connecting values, constant standards and moral attitudes, which can be acknowledged by everyone. The four principles of peace ethics are, one, commitment to a culture of nonviolence and respect for all life (Don, 2007). The world is clouded with endless violence, crime and envy between individuals and different communities. Everyone must learn to live with others and promote peace. The second principle is commitment to a culture of solidarity and a just economic order (Don, 2007). Today, the gap between the rich and poor is wide in many economies causing people to engage in dishonest activities. But we should follow the religious leaders who preach that we do not steal and we should deal fairly and honestly with others.

Commitment to a culture of tolerance and truthfulness is the third principle (Don, 2007). Despite the fact that religious leaders are trying to lead a truthful and honest life, there is still endless hypocrisy all over the world with politicians using lies and deceit to reach their goals. The fourth principle is commitment to a culture of equal rights and partnership between men and women (Don, 2007). People should respect and love members of both gender and avoid immorality. In my conclusion, for a better world there must be peace and dialogue among people. Hence we will only survive with global ethics (Don, 2007).

The impact of globalization on The Global Shadow of Mismanaged Information is that leaders’ access more information compared to others, hence having this information makes their lives to be more complicated (Johnson, 2009). They tend to deal with privacy issues and questions rise on the release of some information. On The Global Shadow of Power, power is the foundation of control: the greater the power the more likely for people to act in accordance with our wishes. Many leaders have a tendency of abusing their power by engaging in various disrespectful

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