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The project was conducted in Reliance Trends store at Nucleus mall to understand the functioning of the organization. By analyzing the store it is found out that nearly 80% – 85% people visit Reliance trends store of whole of Belgaum city. Out of which 60% – 70% people shop at store.

Reliance Trends have its regular, loyal customers that frequently shop at the store. Though the promotion of offers is not much but the sales of the store is good, especially on the weekends.

Most of the customers feel happy with the stores atmosphere and décor. Also the customer’s service is very good at reliance trends, as the staff is always available at the right time for the customers.

Majority of the customers visit reliance trends only during offers and festivals. The customers get to know about the offers at the store by word of mouth and by having a glance at the store when they come for a movie.

Among the people who visited the store were unaware of the offers availing at the store. Among those who were aware many of them did not visit or shop at the Reliance Trends store as their perception about the store was not good. This was clear by knowing the reason for not visiting the store and also not purchasing even after visiting the store.

Some of the reasons are:
Too expensive
Less variety in both internal and external brands.
Less popular external brands
Not much stylish dresses available
Sub-standard quality
No availability of the appropriate attire that expected by the people.
Almost all clients are of the opinion there is no price advantage in the shop.
Also every Saturday the games are played at the store with the employees which are a part of the organization. The games are recorded and sent to the head office. Every morning a meeting is conducted by the SM which tells about the target that has to be achieved at the present day, and also sale of previous day are discussed.

More promotion needs to be done about the store. Reliance Trends should establish itself as a brand which can be done only through heavy promotions because in today’s scenario to make consumer aware about the store promotion plays an important role in it. Most people are unaware of the offers at Reliance Trends, hence marketing or promotions can be done so that the people are aware of the offers and the conversion ratio in

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