Introduction to Psychological Testing
Essay Preview: Introduction to Psychological Testing
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Psychological testing centers on the significance, meaning, chief categories, along with reliability, and validity. Incorporated within this paper are descriptions of categories and evaluations frequently used in psychology. In addition, information regarding evaluation and the contrasts of ideas within. Validity and reliability will assist with calculating the type of assessment that is trying to be accomplished. When one can understand validity and reliability of a test one can help with obtaining and reading the outcome.

Introduction to Psychological Testing
Tests are needed within every aspect of psychology. According to Myers, “any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity, memory, aptitude, or personality”(Myers, 2008, p. 1). “The tests evaluate and assess information”(Myers, 2008, p. 1). “The results can be a valuable means of calculating the different mental capacities, skills, and abilities, as well as the achievement capabilities of personality and neurological functioning” (Myers, p. 1). Typically, many tests are administered within a questioned structure and can be administered as written questions or administered on a computer. Many psychological tests and evaluations given are for diverse reasons and sometimes given in changeable an environment.

Some tests are chosen because it is easier to obtain answers from individuals by giving an examination, other than by a psychologist administering a medical consultation. Another choice for using a test is because the answers established from the tests are systematically steady unlike a consultation. Legal subjects can call for the use of a test to obtain information that permits an individual to weigh against others. In addition, another motive to use a test is that it is not as easy to be misleading. Tests will have various signs and results when the individual that is taking the test is lying.

Different Categories
Psychology tests are typically cataloged into numerous extensive groupings; personality tests, achievement tests, skill tests, aptitude tests, along with interest range. Personality tests are given to calculate an individuals persona or traits. Personality tests are also used in an employment situation or interview. “The objective of testing particularly for staff recruitment, selection and placement is to solicit further information to assess the employees suitability to the job”( Ajila, & Okafor, 2012, p. 1) The outcome of the test can assist an employer to determine the style of work the employee would excel and be the most successful. Achievement tests are used to determine the sum of information an individual has learned in addition to a individuals current learning and are typically associated to particular subjects. The outcomes of the tests given can be used to evaluate the performance of one child to another child, recognize strengths/weaknesses, evaluate differentiation, concealed talents, and predict educational performance for a child.

Today and in the past, aptitude tests are used to forecast behavior like success and performance within schools and places of employment. They can measure am individuals overall academic

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