Facebook Is Impacting Our Life in Bad Way
Facebook is impacting our life in bad wayNowadays, in this generation almost all teenagers have their own Facebook accounts. Yes, we areFacebook is a social media that we constantly use to communicate with our friends, play games, share our daily life, and update status on our accounts. We spend lots of time on Facebook. It is hard to know sometimes how our life has changed until we stop for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. Facebook changed my life, your life, our life. It’s a big problem.From my point of view Facebook is impacting our life in bad way, wasting our time, having a direct impact on our health and it maybe even causing conflict and violence.            (Waste time) 1.79 billion people are monthly active users (2016), myself included, this shows that we spend lots of time on Facebook while reducing family and friend time. It may cause people to have a lack of human relations because they spend too much time with Facebook. These people may be Facebook-addicted unconsciously. And because of the relationship problems between other people, whether a relationship with friends or families, the addicts will ignore their families and prefer to concentrate on the online conversation.(Health) In addition, in 2015, The Psychiatric Association of Thailand researched about mental health in students. They concluded that students spend around 3.0 hours per day, 45.0 percent of those students who assessed themselves in the study were Facebook-addicted. Many American neurologists noticed that Facebook is having a direct impact on health, including worsening ADHD (hyperactivity) symptoms, causing people to be more easily irritated and decreasing work performance (2016).            (Conflict)Furthermore, teenagers who play Facebook a lot and go to bed late will get up late. This may cause conflict with parents. There is a generation gap between parent and children on Facebook. Some teenagers want Facebook to be a private world without parents. This may cause conflict between them if parents play Facebook and do something with their private worlds such as comment on the photo of their friends.

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