Self-Reflection Awards Night Ceremony
This journal is for me to record my personal and professional development through each visit to my work placement . I are asked to reflect on my experience, showcasing what I have achieved, what I could have done better, what I have learning, and considering how I might make improvements in future.SELF-REFLECTION AWARDS NIGHT CEREMONYThink about how you have processed the particular experience. THOUGHTSMy thought before our team organize our council is our event maybe not going well like what we plan . Because I doesn’t had belief in myself and our team . Some student said they doesn’t want to come , some of student said we do event at basement and hot at basement . Our rehearsal of dancing and singing for few days was little difficult for us . After all that I’m happy that our event is done so well . I always will remember the day of our even because that was my first experience doing event . Because of first time I’m doing a event I don’t belief myself .But then our student will remember our even in college because that night was so enjoy the drama , singing , dancing and silat .REACTIONSMy reaction for our event is I’m very happy and glad to whole of our team because the event went well even we had little technical problem . I’m also happy because all of our team work together to make our project run smoothly. Not just even that I can see that our team had team work . Everyone hardworking want our project going well especially Syafiq Hasri , Lobai , Aishah . The serving performed was great I like it . For the dancer , Silat , Drama and singing was great . I happy the performances are going great . JUDGEMENTSMy judgment for our program is on the day not enough food , lot of our team not had enough food . Some of student also complaining about at our college basement was so hot , the fan was small and the food wasn’t enough . We need to prepared more than enough food for students and separate the food . Event team food at other side and students food other side . Basement is great for event but we need to improved fan at the back row and middle row table .   2)Remember to include the context and sequence of events. What were your feeling                         about the experience?  Before Event  – Before event my feeling was I’m so excited about what theme at the night . Everyone has great ideas . My experience is we need to shared our idea and cooperation with our leader . Help they think what theme for the event . Also they need to get students attention and it not easy to get attention . Our group need to find RM1000 each of us need to find RM70 to completed our mission . My feeling was worried where I want to find that much money . One person can sponser , one person selling candy and junk food in college.At the deadline our team can collect less than RM1000 .I felt so happy that we’re not less tahn RM600 .Miss Aishah is the choreographer for the dancing and singing and it was not easy for her to teach the dancer for the first time too . My feeling was excited to see their dancing rehearsal . My experience for first time in dancing with dancing team was hard to do if we work hard and remember step by step than we can do it . After a few day rehearsal we had problem with our team , some of our team wanna quit the dancing performance because they thought dancing was difficult and felt tired and some couldn’t followed the step . I felt worried about our dancing team , but they didn’t quit because they wanna try . They doing great and for the singing performance also I felt happy .

During Event   – During the event I felt great about the event . the serving performance was nice and great . The idea of changing MC to make other doesn’t watching the same person talking in front that was a great idea . About the nick name I was feeling curious , funny and happy I thought real actor or actress was there during our event . Feeling happy because every one enjoy the event . That was my first time experience serving food to table my feeling was scared and excited at the same time . During singing performance I and my singing team was felt so shy ,nervous , excited and scared . That was my first time singing in front of many people using microphone and I felt great . After Event      – After the event we all felt happy and glad our event went well and great even we had a little technical problem . We all of our team after the event we all eat first but we doesn’t have enough food to all of us . After finished eat we start to cleaning our college basement . We all help and had cooperation at the night to clean , arrange and put back the chairs . Some throw food waste at trash bag , some cleaning the table and some arrange the plate and spoon .3)Evaluate the experience. Think about what you did and wrote previously : – At our project this is my first experience about how we want to make our project going well . I had experience how to served people in a event. Singing and had courage to sing front a lot of people . In every moment our team cooperate for the event I also experience that we can knew and meet lot of friends .- more cooperate in the next event , gain more courage in our self. Guests is important , how their felt about the event or situation . 4)Identify and reflect on a significant event or experience and write a fuller description.My experience about our project is my first time . It was great at the time everyone wanna shared and gave ideas for our theme event . Everyone had interesting and creative ideas . We discuss about what theme for the event , what food for the event , what dress is suit for the event and what performance will performed at the event . After done discuss about clothes , food and what performance . They separate every leader in every performance . Girls performance is dancing and singing . Dancing rehearsal was fun . We had a little problem at rehearsal time because they though it was difficult to follow the step , they wanna quit because they so afraid of dancing in front of people on the stage and a lot of people watching . But after they think and get some motivation they didn’t quit dancing . Time after time their dancing improved great . After that we had one idea , they gave idea about doing singing performance at the event night . Then we create singing group for the event , before this six girl in our group one girl playing guitar . We had changing plan because two girl want to quit the singing performance because already in the dancing group . We still continue our singing group and we get new idea for let two other guys that knew how to play guitar to join our group and it going well even we had little problem. Near the event day we wash the basement for preparation . I see all our use busy washing and rehearsal for serving section . It was fun and I felt so happy even we were washing and cleaning basement everyone enjoy it . All work together to clean the basement .At the last days before the event we all performers had the last rehearsal for the event . We all at the night was very worried and nervous about what will happen at the event . Next, the day of event day . We all arrange the basement . Some blow balloon , some arrange the table and chair and some prepared for performance . The last rehearsal before our program start . Then , at the night of the event we all dress up and start the program like rehearsal . All of us are busy come and go and watching the guest . Even we had a little technical problem but we our even still go on and go smoothly . Last , after the event we all together clean up everything in the basement . At the night we all felt happy and great because our event is going smoothly .

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