Reflective Analysis – Making Decision a & C
Reflective AnalysisMaking decision A & CName: Li ShaNov.4.2015Two separate analyses were done to discuss the growth pains and the case of the unhealthy hospital. Usage analysis are consensus method and devil’s advocacy method. They help our group make better decision for these cases. I will discuss three elements about two methods. I think devil’s advocacy is better. I can do some analysis to explain our group’s reflective analysis from decision making A. The consensus method requires the group to engage in a free exchange of ideas and opinions. Everyone can express their ideas and suggestions. The group can make decision by discussion. In this process, group members are positive. At the same time, others can give some different opinions about this case. They also explain their ideas to others. From a personal viewpoint, Group can improve our decision by this way. I can express my ideas and use some concepts and data to explain my idea. Especially I can give some special recommendations to my group. These recommendations are based on my personal experience. At the same time, these can confirm my experience. I will more understand these ideas, concepts and theories. For this case, I am willing to find more key fact to confirm my ideas. Also, my ideas are based on my logical. I will face some troubles during this process. Such as personal friction and traps. I will try my best to find more and more information to support my personal ideas. Along with research went thorough, I lost the ownership of this idea. At the same time, I started to be confused at my idea. However, we can find some weakness of others in this process. We can give some suggestion to improve it.

For consensus method, there is some imperfection in this process. The whole process in confusion. At the same time, this is liable to cause argument and friction. The group will suffer in the Status-Quo trap. We all like to believe that we make decisions rationally and objectively. We will do some wrong decision. In the meantime, we also go off subject and direction. For example, we try to produce a new reward system for waterway. Other put forward some trouble about Maher and system. Then I can talk about the devil’s advocacy method. The devil’s advocacy method is more organization. group divides into two equal-sized subgroups. One subgroup develops a set of recommendations. The other subgroup plays the devil’s advocate, carefully probing all elements of their argument. My subgroup is responsibility to develop a set of recommendation. I give them some advices to reduce the cost. Such as hire some volunteers and trainee. Because of the subgroup, we can reach argument easily. At the same time, it is more efficient. In addition, I can focus on my personal ideas. Another subgroup can check our recommendation and give us some suggestions. At the same time, we can avoid lots of unnecessary troubles and problems. The division of group is clear cut, each one being charged with specific responsibilities. Subgroup can think over and over the recommendation, it help us ensure the quality of recommendations.

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