Bad Drivers
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Have you ever noticed at a red light, the driver that is first in line usually has a phone glued to their ear? And that driver is not even paying any attention to the light that just turned green. Then that driver finally observes that the light turned and goes on a yellow light. Everyone behind him now has to wait another turn for a green light. It is very frustrating these days to drive anywhere. So many of todays drivers have many bad habits that make them dangerous to be on the road. These drivers are multi-taskers, dangerous decision makers, and they are surrounded by too many distractions.

Drivers like to multi-task or do two or more tasks ant the same time. These drivers eat a bean burrito with one hand, has a drink in the other, and has a side dish in their lap, all while controlling the vehicle with their knees. Some drivers have a phone plastered to their head at all times so one would think it is a new fashion. That driver does not even think to put the phone down while attempting to make a two-handed tight turn. Others fail to keep their eyes on the road because they got a text message from the person that they are seeing. So that person is caught up in texting that they fall short on seeing that they just went through a red light. My favorite multi-tasker is the make-up artist. Traveling side by side, at a red light the driver takes out their purse, puts on their make-up and then drives off only to another red light and again finishes the job. The last multi-tasker is the changing performer. These people think that no one is around, looks all around then attempts to change their shirt, only to discover that the light had just turned. In a panic they scramble to get their shirt on and speed away. This brings me to the topic of bad decisions.

Everyone knows these people, the ones who you say to yourself, “What an idiot!” Those people tend to put everyone around them in danger. They like to swerve in and out of lanes on a very busy street. They are very fond of never putting on their turn signal or their lights on. They believe in getting things that have just fallen on the floor while the car is still in motion. The driver also likes to go rummaging through a bag or purse to find a note or their phone, so they can continue making bad decisions by texting. Those drivers do not realize that they are twice as likely to get into an accident. Decisions are an everyday occurrence. They need to make every decision count. They can start by eliminating distractions.

Distractions are terrible. Cars come down the road from a mile away blasting their music so loud it feels like they are supplying music to the entire world. They probably can, not even hear themselves think. The friend sitting next to them is constantly chattering away, distracting them from concentrating on the road, and telling them to change the compact disc. The driver by this time gets very annoyed with his friend, telling

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