Resolving Play Time Issues
Essay Preview: Resolving Play Time Issues
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The children appear to understand what is expected of them when they arrive. They busy themselves putting away their jackets and other belongings, and then proceed to their daily routines. They smile as they greet their teacher and peers. Most of the children are content and quick to settle quietly into their tasks. One child has a habit of twirling her hair. Some children shrug their shoulders, throw their hands up in the air or storm off with heavy feet to show when they are angry or upset. While the children were playing on the playground, there were a variety of behaviors on exhibit. Some kids were playing cooperatively, others were resolving conflicts, and a few were off by themselves. Owen, aged 3, grabbed the red bucket and began shoveling sand into it. Gina, the previous “owner” of the bucket, shouted: “Mine! My bucket” When words didnt get her bucket back, Gina grabbed for the bucket, but Owen pulled it away and jumped out of the sand box. Gina followed Owen, pushed him, grabbed the bucket, and returned to the sandbox. When Owen approached the sandbox once more, Gina carefully guarded the bucket, wrapping her arm around it and watching Owen closely.

Their teacher, who had seen the drama unfold, walked across the playground and recited the “use your words” speech. The teacher redirected Ginas attention when she asked Gina if she would like to play pizza factory with Jane. Gina instantly turned her attention to Jane who was playing by herself at the kitchen play set. She went over to Janie and stood nearby watching Jane making pretend food. Jane asked Gina to help roll out some dough for the pizza. Gina smiled and took the offered rolling pen and started pretending to roll out dough for their pizza.

When I first entered, the children simply glanced at me and then at each other as if to figure out whose mom I was. After the teacher introduced me to the class, the children took active interest in questioning me, asking things such as “How old are you?” After, I answered their questions they moved on to their daily schedule less concerned that I was there. I spent most of the day hanging back, just watching the teacher interact with the children and the childrens interaction with each other. I really enjoyed seeing how effective the teacher was. She knew how to actively engage the children. When I thought about going, I felt excited and a little nervous. I really enjoy seeing the enthusiasm for life that children portray.

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