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New Arrivals #241
June 10, 2006 12:46:20 AM PDT
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Aquarius Records
New Arrivals #241
June 9 2006
Beloved Customers and Friends:
Welcome back everyone, its time for another big batch of wonderful new sounds. Were running on very little sleep and its getting sort of late so well have to keep the intro a bit short. Plus Allan took off to go to a wedding in Michigan and a metal festival in Chicago so were running one man short. But fear not, Andee, Cup, Jim and Pam are burning the midnight oil (well, the 9:00pm oil at least, please let us be done before midnight) to get the list done and safely sent off. I know we say this every time, but holy cow this weeks list is a doozy! Lots of metal. Lots of drones, but no shortage of pop and grime and experimental piano music and indie rock and all sorts of other great stuff.

But before we get to the music, a couple quick items to mention.
First, our pal Wrest from Leviathan showed up with another box of shirts, not a whole lot, but more than we had before. Two designs, long sleeves and short sleeves, Ls and XLs. Feel free to specify size and sleeve length, the design will be random depending on what we have left in terms of size and sleevage, either the Wrest in chains design or the Tenth Sublevel design. Short sleeves are $15, longsleeves are $20. These will be gone in a flash so first come first served. Just email [email protected] and try to snag one!

Second, our very own Andee (along with AQ pals Josh and Ray) helped our friends at KFJC celebrate 6.06.06 by DJing for a chunk of their 24 HOURS OF DOOM. The prestigious 6pm-10pm shift. The show should still be up on their website:

In honor of said doom special, weve restocked and relisted so recent doomy highlights including Cavalar, Graves At Sea and Earth 3 Phases And Dominons (we also just finally got the vinyl too!)

Finally, were looking for a savvy web designer who is familiar with online retail, wishlists, shopping carts and all the pizzazz to help us revamp our site and our ordering system. Someone who loves AQ is preferred. Drop us a line if youre interested

Okay, finally, lets get to the music…
First the records of the week, THREE this time. We just couldnt decide so we figured what the heck, they all deserve it, and weve been listening like crazy to all three. First is another dreamlike gem from the Lampse label, this time from the mysterious Machinefabriek, a gorgeously murky and lovely slab of soft focus minimal dreaminess. Our second record of the week is the long awaited third full length from Finnish cinematic prog combo Magyar Posse, whose new record takes their already epic sound even further out. And finally the latest from French abstract industrial ambient black metal horde Spektr who have just upped the ante again in the weirdest black metal ever sweepstakes.

But while we somehow managed to pick out three records of the week, lots of the records on this weeks list could have ended up there, especially these:

First and most importantly, its finally here, after years and years, thats right:
The This Heat box is here! And its amazing. This would have been record of the week, maybe of the year, the century even, But it is $100, and a 6 cd box set. But just know this is just about as essential as music gets. BUY IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Weve also got about 20 other highlights all of them, guaranteed to knock your socks off. A new deluxe double disc of frog sounds that manages to out frog our other two all time favorite frog sounds records, a new Snowblood record, they being the metal Mogwai, a rare long out of print Skullflower warehouse find, IIIrd Gatekeeper (Allan and Andees favorite SF record) which finds SF at their most Swans-like, a totally tripped out dub record from one member of the Loop Orchestra on our new favorite label Japans EM, a gorgeous blast of fuzzy shoegazer space rock from Serena-Maneesh, some insane technical emo death metal prog insanity from Protest The Hero, a gorgeous collaboration between Colin Potter and the Hafler Trio, another EM records gem, a long lost disc of funky free jazz freakout from the Pyramids, a new beautiful burst of incendiary drone rock dirge from Nadja, a new ep from the first lady of grime Lady Sovereign, a new Keiji Haino on which he teams up with a 20 piece sitar orchestra!! A reissue of two long out of print cd-rs from blisspop dronesters the Goslings, another warehouse find, the legendary and highly problematic Obey album, from Swedens masters of brutality the Brainbombs, a super limited deluxe of amplifier drones from Fear Falls Burning, a new dirgedrone record that out Earths Sunn 0))) and out Sunns Earth, the first proper release from Fall Of The Grey-Winged One, the fourth slightly proggier album from Brazils Os Mutantes another super limited lp, this one from black metal weirdos Dead Reptile Shrine and their fellow Finns Torturium, a brand new full length from ex-Fflint ambient explorer Cousin Silas, the new record from Carla Bozulich, on which she channels her inner Diamanda Galas with help from a whos who of Canadian underground post rockers, two new discs from Lubomyr Melnyk, master of Continuous music and the man responsible for the Wave-Lox record we cant seem to keep in stock, and finally, the newest release from the Angelic Process, on the UKs Paradigms label, a huge sunburst world of sound, a dreamy droney post MBV buzz.

And thats just scratching the surface. Theres loads more. All of the Electric Wizard

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