Marketing Strategies for Perodua – Fairness Research of Higher Education of China
According to the “Fairness research of Higher Education of China,” researcher released statistics results, from 1998 to 2002, the number of college girls in Chinas universities increases 3 times and the proportion of total student population increased from 38.31% to 43.95%. According to the labor and social security administration departments survey of 62 cities, 67% of employers have made gender restrictions, or clearly stipulated that women cannot pregnant in the employment period. In year 2005, female employees in urban units accounted for 37.9%. Also, according to a survey for graduate students in a domestic university in 2005, more than 7 percent of the respondents said that the recruitment unit will give priority to boys under the same conditions. Thus, employment discrimination of women still exist, and even many highly educated and highly qualified women in the job and employment are also at a disadvantage. Female employment is for women to have independent economic status security, and independent economic status of women is the basis of achieving gender equality and gender harmony. Female employment not only concern womens survival and development, but also concern social harmony. In recent years, Chinas employment situation is severe, gender difference is reflected in the women on “Employment” and the problem is very prominent. In real life, affected by gender discrimination, womens employment is difficult to guarantee equal rights, employment opportunities and benefits are unfair to women is the greatest economic problems.

Women are in disadvantage in the labor market competition. It is not an accidental phenomenon, but causes by many factors . With higher education from “elite education” to “mass education” change, university students are no longer a scarce resource. At present with severe employment situation of college graduates, employers provided an excuse for

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