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A recent survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates of registered voters, nation wide as to the greatest problems facing the United States has shown that Americans see issues on the conflicts in Iraq, the American economy, and American health care to be the greatest challenges facing the U.S. today. These three issues outweighed some of what are speculated to be major problems facing America, such as terrorism, immigration, and the environment.

It is no surprise that the issue that those surveyed chose more than any other as the greatest problem facing America today was the war in Iraq. This issue has been a major burden on American citizens for many years, costing the nation millions of dollars and thousands of lives. The war in Iraq is undoubtedly the greatest problem facing America today simply in being itself: a war. America is battered, both by the initial problems of the war, the foreign conflict, as well as by the resulting internal strife brought on by the war. Tens of thousands of American troops have been sent to Iraq, thousands of which have died fighting. After over half a decade, with so many lives lost, while there has been great progress in suppressing Iraqi insurgency, the fighting continues even today. Not only is this seemingly endless battle terrible in itself, but its results have spawned further conflict within America. The thousands of American families left torn apart by losing loved ones in the war in addition to the vast population of Americans protesting it have caused a rift among the nation’s people between those in support and those against the war; the major question arisen from this conflict is when the government plans to withdraw troops from Iraq.

According to those surveyed, the issue of the American economy is just narrowly the second greatest problem facing America today. America’s economy is seriously on the verge of a possible collapse. The government’s current budget deficit is $1.8 billion per day, causing a decrease in the value of the American dollar. The national debt is over eight trillion dollars; the only way it could ever be repaid would be to vastly multiply America’s already drastically high taxes. Other nations, particularly China, are annihilating America as being a major

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