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Thesis: Paps poor parenting ends up being the reason Huck grows as a person.
Body Paragraph I:
Opening Sentence: Pap abused Huck which led to both negative and positive affects but they were mostly positive.
Pap hated the fact that Huck went to school because he thought if Huck went to school he would become smarter than him. Which then he thought would lead to Huck beating him up. Huck then decides to go to school and get an education. ” I didnt want to go to school much before, but I reckoned Id go now to spite Pap” (6)

Having his father around, Huck learned all the things not to do. He also learned how to be independent and make great choices. Even though while he grew up he had no father figure to look up to, to help him out when he needed to, and also someone who could teach him all the life values; until Jim came along.

All the abuse, negativity, and the manipulating Pap had towards Huck made him have a positive look on life and other people.
Body Paragraph II:
Transition/Opening Sentence: Pap gave Huck something that not anyone else could have given him, an outlook on life and people.
Pap always talked and place blacks below him, and also shows through his actions that he doesnt think blacks are equal. He (pap) was shocked that one was able to vote in the North. “He obviously places n****s below himself on the status ladder” (35). On the other hand Huck sees Jim as more than a property, and an actual human.

Huck knows that his father believes that you cant see blacks as more than a property but while traveling down the river with Jim, he hides him from the men by the river and says that it is his father, who is sick. He is protecting Jim because he had the chance to turn him in but he didnt.

Huck uses the fact that blacks are not equal and are properties to get himself and Jim further down the river. Huck shouldnt have but he uses his fathers opinions to get himself and someone who mattered to him further on.

Body Paragraph III:
Transition/Opening sentence: With Paps voice dawning in Hucks mind he rethinks countless times if he should do what his father and society expects him to do or if he should do what he thinks is right.

Huck feels guilty for stealing Jim but then he thinks about how Jim has been there for him and how he is helping to see that he can be a better person by helping Jim escape to the North and be free.

Huck meets the Wilks Sisters, and they tell him to write a letter to Ms. Watson to let her know that he has

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