Reality Tv: Behind the Curtain
Essay Preview: Reality Tv: Behind the Curtain
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The very first TV started being used in the mid thirties and the rate of use of it has increased throughout the last 80 years in a way that there is almost no family without a TV in these days, and related to this, Reality TV. The government which aims to have an uneducated public, the capitalism which cannot deal with such public aware of everything and the alarmingly increasing population which offers people a little time to relax are, indeed, the primary reasons of Reality TVs popularity. We are made to believe that Reality TV is definitely real and theres nothing wrong with it, and even if there is, were the ones to decide whether we watch or not. But before we decide, we are already turned out to be people, who can scarcely question whats around them, who easily tolerate their own rights, and who are not aware of his own family and life.

There are plenty of alternatives to get an instant access to the millions of people, such as radio, internet, newspapers, and etc. but TV is undoubtedly the most practical way among the mass media. And thats probably why TV turned out to be governments toy since it was invented. Gauntlett (2010) argues that TV was, first, used in that way by Hitler and all the other belligerent countries leaders to spread their propagandas during World War 2. That would be still a practical way for governors if they could be against Reality TV which numbs people. Thats probably why they are pretty pleased about the current situation of Reality TV which is not aiming to show the reality, contrary to its name so that the government can easily come up with their propagandas and affect people who are already numb because of the same kind of shows. Doing this, they deprive the audience of critical thinking and questioning skills as if we are a flock of sheep, and controlling the people who follow the orders willingly and have no longer the ability of question must be a dream for a government. In consequence, we were what George Orwell avers people are like in his novel, 1984. “Winston Smith has been brainwashed. He loved Big Brother. As, now, do we. We are the Winstons now (Rushdie, 2001).”

Considering the fact that every government has to put some effort to be voted, what they do actually should not be blamed, but how they do should be, because since French Revolution which was the movement for basically human rights, people have been aware of what he is capable of. Thus Karl Marx predicted an economical revolution which would occur by the workers against the rulers and factory owners after realizing what they did was not being rewarded. Nevertheless, the workers do not find anything wrong with this system in these days, because they have films to watch, and songs to listen to which are served by TV on silver plates as Gauntlett states. There we come across the capitalism! The capitalism is born in the 1600s in England, and in 1900s, it is accepted as a system which is ruled by exploiters and monotonously working workers. Since the capitalism and exploiters exist all over the world, it wont be surprising

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