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Andrea Villagomez Professor Cheryl Lea Becknell PattersonEnglish 1301February 18, 2017 It was the summer of 2007, in a little town called Juarez.  I have just finished my middle school. I was having a real good time with friends and cousins doing all the stuff that usually everybody does in summer at our age. Things like going out to swimming pools, ride bicycles, go to the movies, just trying to enjoy the summer the best we can,  but sometimes they were days that I just didn’t  have anything to do, which means boring days indeed. For me that wasn’t bothering, the problem was that my father had a problem with it. My father is a very hard working person he didn’t care that I was bored but the thing he care most is that those days I wasn’t doing anything. There was a karate very near of our house so he said “why don’t you enter there, is near and you can walk to it when we aren’t here at home”, my honest response was a cold no. I didn’t say to him why but I was afraid I was very shy at that time, and I thought girls didn’t do karate so it was a thing I wouldn’t like to do. My father began to bother me in order to convince me, he begin to call me a lazy girl “Andrea thinks she is a princess” he used to say that but truly, that help a little because I dint like princesses. So I think, “There were days I was bored, why don’t give it a try, at the first bloody nose I get out of there”.  At the end I said yes to my father but only for the two months of my vacations obviously he agreed. Later on I realize that the decision of entering karate, is the best decision of all my life, I met wonderful people, I growth a lot as a person, and then I reached my goal to become black belt.  So the day of my first class come, I was feeling so nervous my heart was pounding so fast I can’t even remember clearly. Then I was entering to a big room with all kinds of equipment mirrors and nice shiny wood floor. I met my sensei which means teacher in Japanese, a considerably fat guy but with many trophies all around his office, he give me the introduction chat and then we head right to the action. I saw few black belts older that make me more nervous “they are going to beat me in to pieces” I think, but then I saw two faces that I know one a childhood friend since kinder and a girl who was with me in middle school and that made me calm a little. It was nice to know they were people you know in there. Why I didn’t know they were in that class?  Well the thing was that sensei I was learning from, has a prohibited to tell other that you are in karate and that made me happy being the fact that I was shy to be a girl doing karate and not ballet. Weeks past and then I realize that karate was a great thing, a great discipline, those guys who were black belts they were there not to kick my butt, instead they were there to help and teach me, I was doing a lot exercise I love it. But the best thing of all is that I was making many friends with one simple thing in common; karate. To my surprise I was having a real good time better than outside with my old friends.

The two months past so fast, that marked the end of my threat with my father, but I requested him to stay more so he happy said yes. My first test to change belt from white to yellow was around the corner. I wasn’t a very good fighter at that time, but I have a great technique so I feel very prepared and very nervous at the same time. The results of that test marked my first success, my sensei at first scare me saying that i didn’t pass to yellow belt sadness was reflected in my face that time but then he said:  you did it so well that you make it to orange belt. From that on I feel great and continuing passing from belts very fast every four months I change belt but when I reach purple belt I find myself with some problems; my first tournament outside of town it was going to be held in Arlington Texas. by that time I haven’t fight someone outside of my town Juarez. The problem was i still wasn’t a very good fighter. During the trip to Arlington I was happy, enjoying the moment with my friends playing around telling some jokes, but inside of me I was scared thinking in the guy who I’m going to be against how he will be? Tall stronger faster all kinds of thoughts come to my mind. I know for sure It will be at the age of 14-15 green blue or purple belt because that’s my category but the rest I didn’t have an idea. We reached the tournament I was looking around to find my possible opponent but they were too many so give up trying to relax. 2 hour past and then I was more anxious than nervous suddenly I heard my name following my opponents name true the speakers that was the time no going back I walked to the center of the area where we were going to fight, on the other side I saw my opponent  he was very short and thin nothing that I imagine my sensei was coaching me back on the area. The referee called us the only thing I was felling at the moment was adrenaline rushing thru my body. And then the fight start some kicks punches start to flow but sadly I was nervous and scared the adrenaline wasn’t helping, he was moving faster and precisely than me. In a bad move of mine I throw I kick too much high my opponent just blocked my kick throwing it even higher the result me in the air falling to the floor with my left arm when I hit the ground a total silence took place, the only thing I think a broken arm but I was wrong only hurt a lot to the point I want to cry. I didn’t want to keep on fighting but my sensei told me you are scared right and it was the true I was horrified I never felt that way losing and in so bad mood, but he encourage me he give me the hope I need and he told me “a karate girl never surrenders fights to the end” those words I will never forget them also they help me to for life. I return to fight all the fear was gone and turned to a very close fight at the end I lose by a point but I feel like a no loose at all, my second place feel like the first place. My sensei told me you grow this big pointing from the ground to the roof to the building. From that moment I became a great fighter. But the most important thing is the words he told me and the sensation I felt that it really help me to become a better person from that moment, it was my biggest success as a second place.

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