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1) Describe the underlying reasons for the rapid growth of crime laboratories in the U.S. since the late 1960s.
In the 1960s the worlds crime rate had went up with more crimes and more drug activity more then ever. Crime labs were keeping up with the times as well as the crime. As the years went on more crime labs got more technical and got new equipment and started to branch out into different units which meant that they were able to get more scientist and which led to being able to open more offices citywide and having enough staff for the offices that they had opened citywide. Some crime laboratories in New York had there own ME or Corner on staff which ment that they would not have to wait as long for a person to pick up the body from the crime scene. Once they developed more offices around the cities it also was a big relief on the cities crime laboratories if there was more then one lab in there city so the city would not get swamped with evidence DNA and things of that nature.

2) In cooperation with the medical examiner or coroner, what type of evidence is to be retrieved from a deceased victim for examination in the crime laboratory?

When a body comes to the MEs office or to the coroners office it must stay in the same form as it was at the crime scene to preserve anything that is on the body that can be extracted from it such as DNA. When the body comes into the office somethings that get taken from the body would be the clothes the clothes would be taken to see what they have on them. Sometimes the clothes holds fibers, hair and clues to finding the person who committed the crime. Other things that might be taken is any of the jewelry that might have partials of the jewelry. Pieces of DNA might also be under the finger nails depending on the crime. Also semen on the clothes as well will be removed for evidence. Pictures of the body will be put into evidence. Pictures would be taken at the crime scene and also at the MEs office.

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