Are Government Politicians Corrupt?
The United States government is filled with corrupt politicians.  They indoctrinate and influence the general population to vote for them by promising things that will never happen.  I wholeheartedly agree that politicians all do and say anything just to stay in office.Every politician is the same.  Most of them only care about power, and some claim they care about the people, if they really care about the people or the general population, then they shouldn’t even be a politician or anything related to that, because in reality there are far better positions in life you can do to care about the people.  Politicians are mostly in it for the power, and control.  They do not care about us.  They don’t want to help us.  Politicians are evil and corrupt.  They just want to feel almighty while in office and will do anything to stay that way.        American Politicians don’t really represent the people.  More like, they represent the 1% in the world and not the rest of the 99% of Americans.          The lower and middle class for example, don’t have much of an impact on voting. If a random idea that gets no support at all from anybody gets thrown out to a politician, that idea has about the same chance to become a federal law as an idea supported by thousands of people.  We lower and middle class have no impact on the likelihood that congress will make either of them a federal law.        If Americans that are in the top 1% have an idea or a thought, the likelihood of that idea will have a much greater chance to be approved and become a federal law.  All because they are the elites and not in poverty.  They always get what they want and the lower class end up paying for it with taxes.  The elites always try evading taxes, so they don’t pay.  Take bill gates for example, he avoids taxes by giving free computers to people.  That benefits him greatly by advertising his product everywhere possible and thus making him richer and wealthier.

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