And the Thunder Roars!
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CHAPTER 1AND THE THUNDER ROARS!She was  dragging her luggage ,a hand carry and her shoulder bag with her. Her legs and arms were soaked due to rain. Totally drenched, she slipped her hand in her pocket and some how managed to pull her cell phone out. She dialed Ramiz’s number and pressed the phone between her shoulder and head. Holding the phone to her ear she mumbled, ”Pick up. Pick up quick darn it.”Yeah she had a bad habit of talking nope, actually, mumbling to herself.“Hey Tashu. How is it going babe?” Ramiz’s hardly audible voice made her a bit relaxed.“Hey Riz. I’m almost 20m away from your apartment. Have you called that guy staying in ? Have you told him about me?” She shouted through the microphone trying to avoid the noise of the thundering storm.“Waoh pal! Slow down will ya? Well. Nope. He isn’t responding my call. Don’t worry after reaching there you can make me talk to him. I’ll let him know. Do you remember the password of the lock? And don’t tell me. Is it raining ?” Ramiz ,the forever impatient, threw so many questions at her in a blink.“Yeah it is and I do remember the password. Ok I’ll  catch up with you later. Bye.” She hung up hastily and glared at the sky where clouds are finally in motion after a really heavy welcome shower. She could now see the drive way of the apartment from the edge of the cliff. The road was now turning right and making the upper view clear. It was hers and Ramiz Dad’s apartment. She was really interested in this one. It  was quiet according to her taste. Serene and lavishly exquisite. Impressing her again as it did 2 years back when she visited Thailand for the first time.The breeze coming from the shore is frosty as the apartment was diametrical to the beach. She inhaled the refreshing petrichor, stretching her arms she smiled at the roaring sound of the waves. Finally a whole week away from all the burden and stress. Ah..she was happy as never. Pushing the small but wide red wooden door she started walking up the driveway. It led her to the dimly lit sitting area with humongous glass-slides  in a crescent shape. The heavy black velvety blinds were swaying in a delicate manner because of the wind outside. Humming one of her favorite songs she tapped the touchpad of the lock. The password was authenticated and with a beep the door was unlocked. She had already starting unzipping her luggage.Leaving her suitcase and hand carry at the threshold  she hurried towards the corner room which was basically a tech-room with all the gaming accessories and a home theatre system.She had to get rid of those soaking clothes.                                      He was really sleepy. Last night at the party was tiresome for a peace loving fella like him. Spending  whole night in clubbing and chilling he came back when the sun was already up. He had a quick shower and got in his sleepers, brushed his teeth and let himself loose in the bed. His sleep was disturbed by the thundering clouds but he kept lying sleepily in the bed. After sometime he heard the sound of the main door. Getting out of the bed he had his flats on. Moving fingers in his hair he tug them lightly backwards. Holding his nape for a minute. He rolled his eyes as he walked out of the room idly. He would have screeched the floor if it wasn’t marble. With his half opened eyes he looked down. An open luggage with a hand carry and a ladies bag was lying on the door step. His eyes were now wide open. Climbing two stairs at a time he almost dived down. Carefully peeking  at the bags he looked around to find some human presence. He walked outside the door and was peeking at the drive way now. Right at the moment he heard the door closing behind him. He turned and jumped on his toes as he saw a girl standing there  zipping up the luggage. “Hey !! Who are you? Open the door.” He uttered. But the sound proof glass blinds reflected his voice.                               As she zipped her bag again. She turned her head and saw a guy standing behind the glass door. His deep brown eyes were angry and red as he woke up  from a deep sleep. Brownish hair all disheveled on his forehead. He was wearing sleepers & flats. His dazed expressions were similar to anyone who would  find a stranger breaking into their place without a permit. “Awwwh..poor guy. He even forgot that it’s a smart door.” She suppressed her urge to laugh. Folding her arms she pointed towards the touchpad and the corners of her lips lifted up a bit. He followed her gesture and the embarrassment was real. He tapped the password. The  door unlocked clearing the view where she was standing and struggling to stop her smile. She was tall and fair. Not a striking beauty but definitely pretty . Shoulder cut v-shaped hair tied in a pony tail moving back and forth on every slightest shift in her body. Deer like eyes behind those ellipsoidal spectacles were gleaming and deep. Spectacles; what a turn on. She nibbled at a corner of her lower lip. He cleared his throat. “Ahem..sowho exactly are you? “He raised his right eyebrow. By the time he had realized that she must be his distant really distant uncle’s daughter. He had an encounter with her when he was very little. “Hi. I am Tasha. Uh..I mean Zartasha Erad Sheikh. Tasha is my nick. You can feel free to call me that. I’m going to stay here for a week or so. Ramiz can tell you the rest of the details once you pick up his call. ” She smiled and moved her hand forward. He lifted his hand up. “Hi. I am Hameen. Hameen Hassan. Ok I’ll pick up his call as I get some time. Anyways feel free I am leaving. ” He moved about the kitchen from the sitting area.“Arghhh…Tough head.” She mumbled to herself dropping her hand back to the side. She stepped up the stairs. At the terminal of the stair case there are three doors facing each other left and right. These were the three bedrooms. She drawn out the key from her handbag and unlocked one of the doors. It had to be her room whenever she visited. It’s walls are painted with cream white with a hint of caramel. There was a king size bed. A huge window and a cragged ebony shelf carrying her books. A simple dressing and a bathroom. The room was elegant enough. She walked in. Placing her bags on the side she lifted the blinds from the window and opened it letting the fresh air in. Hearing the sound of the crashing waves she fell asleep really soon.CHAPTER IICOMING BACK TO YOU

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