Twisted Affair
Essay title: Twisted Affair
Paul and John had been friends since grammar school, and had a close relationship. They shared many experiences together throughout their lives. Both pursued degrees in the medical field. They were like two peas in a pod, always supportive and perfectly happy with each other. Nothing could come between them. Truth helps a strong relationship stand the test of time, so they thought.

One rainy day Paul hurried to his car. As he pulled off he noticed a young lady frightened and standing in front of him. He had almost hit her. Her ocean blue eyes lay in a lovely angelic face. After exchanging telephone number, excitement took over his body. All he could think about was the girl he had just met. Meanwhile Sarah couldn’t stop thinking about Paul good looks. She kept seeing him over and over her forgiveness for almost running into her. His smile and charm instantly won her over.

Dating came easy. They enjoyed every moment together, and fondness turned to love. She decided that introducing Paul to her family would welcome him more into her life. Her family adored Paul. They had observed how well mannered and respectful he was. Compliments of what a cute couple they made and suggesting that they should go beyond dating made Paul feel at ease. Paul had never felt so sheltered and welcome. His mind raced back and forth. Thinking about how sincere and innocent Sarah was made him want her even more. Paul kneeled down on one knee looked into her eyes and proposed. Everyone started to clap and hug each other after she accepted.

Paul made arrangements for Sarah to meet Paul. When he arrived he treated Sarah cold. Giving her dirty looks and being distant made her feel uncomfortable. She tried being friendly. Her bond with John started to mesh together. She started to notice how attractive John was. He was much more daring compared to Paul. She wanted to see John as much as she wanted to see Paul. Her desires for John became stronger. She couldn’t fight the feeling that was burning deep down in her soul. She looses her battle to fight the urge to be with John. She then succumbs to her feelings. The feeling of guilt clouded her mind. She had to tell Paul the truth even if it meant losing

him. She wept in sorrow and thought about choosing love over lust.
Sarah set a time to meet with them both. As they entered Sarah’s house Paul felt that something was wrong. Her eyes were red and her face

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