Marketing Plan Paper for L’oreal ParisFinal Marketing Planfor[pic 1]Presented by:Acoba, Divine GraceAdvincula, Joanne FaithAliermo, Christine MarieBelarmino, MarianDevela, Zarina PaulineMando, AnjenetteMonteiro, BensonTriguero, RafaelExecutive Summary        Hair care industry in the Philippines is characterized by dominating multinational corporations targeting the mass market through aggressive above the line advertising. However, the country’s continuously improving economic conditions provide opportunities for other multinational corporations to enter the market and target niche markets with various differentiation efforts. But throughout the years, L’Oreal Paris exhibited a weakening performance in the Philippine hair care market in terms of market share, dropping from 4% shares to barely above 1% shares in 2014 while other international brands continue to enter and expand into the market.        The challenge for L’Oreal Paris now is to regain their market shares, taking advantage of the growing middle income class and their leaning preference towards the masstige goods- products of premium quality that are targeted to mass distributions.        Filipinas have the habit of taking a bath daily and that includes a regular hair care routine that commonly involves shampoo and conditioner. But why not turn a routine into something special?         With L’Oreal Total Protection Elixir, the hardworking Filipina can now pamper herself and get that well-deserved beautiful hair.

Unlike most conditioners that are rinsed out during shower, Elixir is a leave-on that serves like an invisible hair veil. It contains high concentrations of natural ingredients like sesame seed oil extract for sun protection, natural seed extracts from Moringa Oleifera to protect the hair from pollutants and harsh effect of air conditioning, argan oil extract to keep hair protected from damages brought by humidity like dryness and frizziness and mild flower fragrances that can last all day to keep the hair smelling fresh. Total Protection Elixir is also formulated to work well with the Total Repair shampoo and conditioner to turn a normal hair care routine into something special.This goal is what this 12-month integrated marketing campaign aims to achieve by focusing on increasing L’Oreal Paris’ brand awareness through the introduction of Elixir. The campaign has three phases that focuses on (1) product introduction and awareness, (2) advertising and publicity and (3) brand synergy. In order to effectively communicate the brand to its target market, the campaign plan will use different combinations of communication channels.                Table of ContentsBrand Review………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..3

I have found myself in a situation where the whole of their program looks like a game of chess. Every day while at work we are asked to perform a number of tasks for other people and this is where they fail. I started to realize that the fact that they were doing all the work without consulting me for 15 months is pretty funny. This year, I am going to do these tasks for people and have just completed them for people the other day. So the question was “What are they doing today, please share this?” I came up with one concept: they must find and remove a substance in their hair before they are able to use it on themselves that will last us through the whole day. I did this because I started to realize that when I was having these “daily” tasks, if I did not see a solution, something was missing and I didn’t know. This is where Elixir comes in. Elixir is a highly effective, and not only effective, hormone therapy therapy, but it also works to change hair follicle types. The treatment uses a combination of the three. In previous products of this type, many natural products have been prescribed and the hormone treatments have been used. I decided to go with the more effective one which works better on my face. I put Elixir under an application called “Omega” which I love because it helps me feel more positive and free of negativity.I also decided to go with a brand like Apple. The same kind of products I love using with the Apple shampoo and conditioner, and Elixir (or one of those brand based hypo’s) is very similar, being a much cheaper and less expensive solution.  In fact, I chose them because most companies only use a good brand that isn’t really expensive (ie, they don’t make for expensive products with products like this).  I don’t think I’d ever say they’re better than my other brand “The Reagent”. So, to be able to change your hair type and get rid of all natural products, a better product is crucial. If you are trying to change your hair type but you find other products don’t quite fit your definition…and you do not like what you have, you can change your hair type. The Elixir product has a nice feeling, because it can work to change your skin’s function and also change its function and hair color. It’s also formulated to work well with the Total Repair shampoo and conditioner. (For a more detailed explanation on this, see: shampoo-and-conditioner). As for the hair type factor, it

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