Morpheus Manufacturing Company Business Letter
Morpheus Manufacturing Company1264 Benson Street                                         Tel: (416) 773-1234Toronto, ON  M6H 3M3                                  Fax: (416) 774-1235November 6, 2015Ms. Anna ChanPresident and CEOSalesCom Inc.3567 Pender StreetVancouver, BC  V5A 3T7Dear Ms. Chan:Subject: Customer Partial-Refund for AdaptorsI received a call from April about the compatibility issues with the two orders that you have placed with us. I apologize for the dissatisfactory products and the inconvenience this may have caused to SalesCom Inc. We have been in business for over twenty years, and we take pride in manufacturing custom equipment and prototypes for our valued clients. We take seriously the fact that our performance impacted the quality of your business, and we have enclosed a cheque for $154,210 dollars, which includes a partial refund of $27,910 for the credit card machine adaptors and a full refund of $126,300 for the iPad Air adaptors.

After looking into the situation with your credit card machine adaptors order, it turns out that our quality control team failed to check every single adaptor properly as they rolled off the assembly line, which resulted in missing screws. In addition to the partial refund mentioned above, we request you to return the shipment and we will add the missing screws with no extra charges within one week. Also, we will cover the shipping costs. To ensure the quality of future products, we have developed a stricter quality control policy that each member of the quality control team is retrained to record every unit of inspected products before shipping out to customers. By making references to the records, we can undertake follow-up inspection procedures more effectively.

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