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Lastly, for the income level, some of the respondents were below RM1800 but most of the respondents were average monthly income were RM1800 to RM3000. From the reliability results, it was found that majority respondents was beliefs them self about the quality of the car before they made decision to purchase. Consumers seems to be equivalently beliefs them self regarding perceptive of the import car, meaning that they purchase car based on the experience from the past where they belief which car will suitable for them. They also act like a consumer seeker whereby they will keep forward looking for the new design of the imported car. Some of the consumer beliefs which car they are prefer to drive and which car they are not prefer or dislike. Some of the respondents believe the imported car was appealing luxuries and suit for them such as BMW Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, and so on. In this study, we also found that most of the respondent beliefs that imported car were more safety to drive due to test safety before launching new model. Other than that, they also believe imported car were made by high quality material in term of interior design, more quality in term of engine performance and also more towards science and technology. The result of this study can be summarized as; the regression coefficient for price quality inference and risk averseness was negative relationship between price quality inference/risk averseness and intention purchase import car (dependent variable). However, the regression coefficients for Value Consciousness and Beliefs were positive relationship between Value Consciousness/Belief and Intention purchase import car (dependent variable). As the result, if positive relationship, the higher level of independent variable, and more they were intention to purchase. At the same time, if the negative relationship, the higher level of independent variable, more less they will intention to purchase. The most influencing to the consumer intention to purchase imported car was belong to Beliefs (independent variable) which is the highest beta for the coefficient

regression. Below table was indicated the result testing of the hypotheses in this study. Four

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