How Does Accreditation Help to Build Professional Industry Standards?
Essay Preview: How Does Accreditation Help to Build Professional Industry Standards?
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A1.How does accreditation help to build professional industry standards?  Accreditation is the process that a third party certification body, after undertaking the specified procedures, releases a certificate to ratify that a product of a given supplier fulfills the requirements of a specified certification scheme  The most obvious advantage of accreditation is rise up the quality of product that a company or an enterprise in order to get the accreditation must reach their standard by improve the quality. The accreditation can ensure the product in a high quality that the company or enterprise operate without accreditation that means their product not yet achieved and may be labeled product in low quality also influence reputation and business volume.  At the same time, accreditation assuring a company or enterprise consistency in production quality through continuous supervision of production process that they will maintain the product quality upon the requirement of accreditation. The accreditation represent a product quality guarantee that will be an orientation to the consumer when they purchasing goods will prefer the products with accreditation. So that, it will be an intangible pressure to the factory and force them upgrade their products quality otherwise no consumer will consider of buying their products.  Furthermore, accreditation can greater confidence of consumer which set up in an industry that means it provide a benchmark to approach. After the business improve their products until achieve standard, consumers will know that product is in high quality and safety.  Accreditation can arouse benign competition as it force all the business rise up their product quality in once then all the consumers will purchase the product with accreditation. However, the business want to be outstanding to increase sales volume, they need to be more professional such as nowadays there have many brand of baby milk powder these must get the accreditation otherwise it will have no any parents buy it for their babies. But one of brand – Friso indicate that their milk power through locknutri process it can avoid the natural structure of proteins gets damaged or destroyed. That is the uniqueness under accreditation.  The requirements of accreditation help the business recognize their weakness and shortcomings. Then they will know which part or aspect of production process should be put more efforts to improve. B1.The continuous improvement process can be used to assess and improve the effectiveness of customer service practices. What is continuous improvement?  Continuous improvement means to constantly strive to improve the service or products allowing to the highest standards. It is a long term process which achieves customer attention, enhanced quality of service delivery, shortened processes and procedures, recognition of customers include external and internal.  Nowadays continuous improvement is necessary because businesses compete for survival and for market preponderance so they should think of product life cycles are reducing, stimulus of technology on customers and companies, ever greater productivity etc. Through the continuous evaluation and enhancement of products, procedures, routes and attitudes, it can develop an environment to all the team member strive for higher levels of customer service and quality.  Quality is usually defined equal to customer needs and expects. This contain completeness, courtesy, timeliness, accessibility, accuracy, consistency and responsiveness. Due to customers expect high quality all the time, the cost of worse quality services or goods might be greater than the cost of ‘correct in first time’.

And the various approaches to quality include quality control that standards are set which decide the suitable quality of the product or service. Quality guarantee that quality controls and ways are completely documented to certify all the products and services are proper for their designated determination. Total quality management describes a long term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects.  If someone want to determining if a continuous improvement process effectiveness involves using operational metrics to measure success. Metrics include such merits as cost per order, customer satisfaction and the number of people involved the process. It can using various tools like Pareto chart, to class data into a visual diagram allows a supervisor to determine whether the major problems can be modified by improvement.  In conclude, although there are many explanation on continuous improvement, its main point is a continuing effort to improve products, service or processes. All the business must do it once in a while for review the situation of operation.C1.Why do you need to clearly understand customers’ need and expectations?  One business wants to be success an important factor is clearly understand customers’ needs and expectation as it can influence the profit of the business directly. If a business selling their products or service blindly without marketing research to comprehend customer’ needs ad expectation, it will cause a bad sales performance. For example, a restaurant open in an old urban, it should be provide affordable and traditional dishes as a big part of customers live in there are above middle aged. Their income are lower and they aren’t prefer to try or accept new things.  Plus understand customers’ needs can greater a business’ profit such as a snack bar located nearby school and commercial complex it can priced a little bit higher because the customers must be in hurry and have no time to do price comparison. Food is the physiological need according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. It is customers’ need rather desire. When a business can fulfill their need, they will willing to pay more money on it.  Further, a successful business must be achieve customer expectation such as a clothing store located in a luxury residential which the customers are high income earners. Their need must be reach level four – self-esteem. So the shop assistant must provide the most thoughtful and careful service to the customer that they don’t care about the price while they expect they can get respect from there.   Each customer walk in a shop, restaurant, company etc. it must exist an expectation in their heart no matter they walk in with purpose or arbitrary. If the customer is first time go to that shop and the products or service are satisfying and meet prior expectation, then the feedback would be favorable he or she would likely plan to return to the shop even could be loyal customer. In contrast, a store cannot fulfill a customer need and expectation that make a bad impression, he or she maybe stop shopping at the store completely. That’s why we need to clearly understand customers’ needs and expectation.

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