Four Functions Of Management
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Four Functions of Management
The management process contains four basic functions; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. When putting these key tools into place, one is able to generate an organization which is consisted of integrated sections acting in synch to accomplish set goals, both effectively and competently. It is very crucial for an organization manager to execute these functions to guarantee that the company will be a success.

Planning involves determining the most effective means for achieving the work of the team. Planning includes several steps. First is to determine the present situation. Assess such things as the present condition of the equipment, the attitude of employees, and the availability of materials. Second is to determine the objectives. The objectives for a work team are usually established by higher levels of management. Third is to determine the effective way of attaining the objectives. Given the present situation, what actions are necessary to reach the objectives?

The planning stage is emphasized on the development of the vision and established goals for a project. There are several steps involved in the planning stage which include: recognizing that there is a need for a project, determining what should be accomplished by that project, assessing the overall expectations of stakeholders, management, and customers as appropriate, assessing the overall project scale, and choosing primary members of the project team. Once this has been accomplished, one can start the organizing stage.

Organizing involves distributing the work among the employees in the work team and arranging the work so that it flows. The management carries out the work of organizing through the general structure established by higher levels of management. Thus, the management functions within a general structure and is usually given specific work assignments from higher levels of management. The management then sees that the specific work assignments are done.

The leading stage stresses to keep resources and people focused on the work. Many people have no desire to be leaders; they are content to be contributors. However, in much of todays world, teamwork is necessary to get things done. And teams without leaders are ineffective in achieving their goals. They flounder without a leaders help to focus on the goal and to make choices that will move the team toward that goal.

Organizational success is determined by the quality of leadership that is exhibited. “A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader,” says Gemmy Allen (1998). Leadership is the power of persuasion of one person over others to inspire actions towards achieving the goals of the company. Those in the leadership role must be able to influence/motivate workers to an elevated goal and direct themselves to the duties or responsibilities assigned during the planning process. Leadership involves the interpersonal characteristic of a managers position that includes communication and close contact with team members (Baker & Baker, 1998).

A leader inspires others to act by setting a good example. Their drive and perseverance spurs on. Leadership involves motivating others through mutual trust. A leader trusts in their ability and willingness to pursue the goal; the employees

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