Mayo Clinic
teamwork in medicine today, the Mayo Clinic employs an allied health staff of over 55,000 which nurses, doctors, students, and scientists. There locations are in the Florida, Arizona, and the Midwest.

The reason for risk management in a health care setting is to carry out decision that will prevent unfavorable events and reduce results of the events such as malpractice crisis in health care organization. The belief and vision of the Mayo Clinic health care organization is to deliver services and products to meet and exceed the expectation of their patients, and therefore quality management remains a continuous process in their success in excellence toward patient care.

The evolution of quality management in health care addresses the large number of demands from consumers associated with the standard of care along with addressing the difficulties in patients outcomes. Quality is frequently difficult to understand identify, or define from one person to another.

The Mayo Clinic quality constructs is designed to provide better care to patients on daily basis through the integrated clinical practice of research, education, and practice. Each of these is specially designed to provide the care needed for patients individually. This four part construct strategy is used to also use to focus on their responsibility for improvement of quality Improvement, contagion control, and programs used by risk management to improve the quality of patient care according to the policies of the hospital. “Quality

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