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Quality PlanningQuality Control (QC)Quality Assurance (QA)Quality Improvement PlanDo CheckActAcquire new office space Setting of requirements for new space. Analysis of the change requirementsSize of the space found. Ensure that all the requirements are met. Fittings in new office Drawing up plans that will indicate where each of the fittings will go. Check the planning of the fittings and whether they will fit into the space foundAdequacy of the fittings and conformity with the needs of the company. Ensure plan meets the needs of the company. Ensure minimal disruptions in the fittings of the company. Installation of equipmentCreation of the requirements needed in the installation of the equipment in the new office.Sourcing the right provides to undertake the installation of the equipments. Creation of an installation plan.  Undertaking the installation of the equipment.  Creation of checkpoints by which the installations are to be checked. Evaluation of the needs of the company as pertains to the installation of the equipment in the new space. Calling for applications from different suppliers of these services. The vetting of the different suppliersThe selection of the best service supplier. Evaluation of whether the installation plan meets the requirements initially outlined. Supervision of the installation processTest installation of equipments at each point in time to ensure continued functionality and interoperability. Ensure all equipment is functional to the standards that are required of the office. Relocation assistance Creation of a relocation plan for the staff. Sequential movement of the different levels of staff to the new offices. Evaluate the needs of each department within the company. Formulate a relocation flow for each of the departments of the company. Understand the disruptions in workflow for each process and incorporate these into departmental move planning. Check into each departments move at each particular point. Settle each department at a time and at the appropriate planned sequence. Ensure all office department has been moved as required.

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