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Promotional Recommendations.
Promotion is a communication relation between the buyers and sellers where is the function of promotion is for the markets to informs, persuades and reminds potentials buyers of a product in order to influence on opinion or elicit a response (Kurtz and Boone 2006). Same as the QQ Company, the objective of promotion is to provide information to all people about their new product, princess collection and what even it is the QQs product that available in their stock. In the same times, it can aware customer about the specialty or improvement of the QQ rather than other similar brand product, such as Barbie and Disney. Consequently, the message which fulfills the AIDA principles may lead to increase the demand of the product as well as their aware about QQ products.

In order to make sure the message of the communication exceed the target market, the communicator has to work out an appeal or theme that will produce the desired response (Kotler, et al. 2003). For QQ, it is likely to the rational appeals, which relate to the audiences self-interest. As we know, QQ targets are the parent of kids aging 2 to 8 years old whereas the purpose of buying QQ product is to fulfill their kids princess dream. Therefore the communication should show that by using QQ product their kids it is actually can really can succeed their dream.

There are 2 categories of promotional mix, which is personal selling and non-personal selling. However the most applicable promotion mix to QQ is non-personal selling, which include advertising, sales promotion, direct/online market, public relation and publicity. All of these are conducted without being faced -to- faced with the buyers. The reason why non-personal selling is most applicable to QQ is because they want to reaches a large number of the potential consumers. For example, advertising is the most applicable for particular company to promote the product in a large group of target market because they can advertise in anywhere or anyplace whereby there target market will be there. Hence, it can attract attention and creates product awareness, and generates an immediate response instead of using the personal selling. For example like sales promotion, advertising and direct marketing. Public relations can create a positive attitude toward a product or company; it leads to increase the reputation of the QQ company brand.

Advertising is one of the most applicable ways of promotion for a company to promote their product. In order to reach a large number of potential customers, QQ can provide message that intended to inform or persuades the audience to purchase their product (Kurtz and Boone 2006). There are various type of media which their can use, such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail, outdoor advertising, interactive media, and other advertising media. By using advertisement their can emphasize the difference between their product and the competitors product, like Barbie and Disney.

First, the most important and effective advertisement is via television. As we know, the kids love to watch television, especially on the weekend and holiday. Instead of kids, the mothers, who are housewives are also the target market for QQ Company. Since the QQ Company have using the television advertisement before, it is good to recommend to QQ to improve their advertisement in order to get target market attention and create their interest to buy the product. Therefore, the advertiser should use the famous kid celebrity which to promote and can improve overall effectiveness of a marketing message involves the use of celebrity spokesperson (Kurtz and Boone 2006). By looking at the famous kid celebrity playing the QQ toys and wearing the QQ clothes, actually can incite the kids and their mother desire to buy the product.

Second, the QQ also can use internet advertising such as the pop up advertisement, click trough link, and create their website. By create this kind of advertisement can crop up a large number of customer. Nowadays, there are a lot of working mothers, who does not have time to go window shopping. Therefore, by using the advertisement via online, they can find out about QQ product while in the office. The pop up and click trough advertisement can even promote the product to public which even does not aware about the QQ company product. It is because this type of advertisement can be easily found while the internet user surfing the internet. Once the internet user click or go through to the advertisement, they will be

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