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MEMORANDUM TO: Mrs. Julie Smith – Customer Care Services Manager
FROM: John Doe – Customer Care Services Supervisor
DATE: March 7, 2006
SUBJECT: Integrating Brio (CC Analyzer) and CentreVu Databases
This memorandum presents a description of the current situation, a few proposed alternatives, and my recommendations. The goal is to establish a single standard database management reporting system across both call centers of the CSO (Customer Service Operations) Network & Enterprise Division. CCS (Customer Care Services) currently uses a reporting system called CC Analyzer (a form of BRIO) that was adopted by the department in March of 2004. SSC (System Support Center) currently uses a reporting system called CentreVu Supervisor (a Lucent Enterprise application) that was adopted by both call centers in June of 1998.

The purpose of this memorandum is to analyze the utilization of both reporting system by management, technical department, scheduler, and others that may use these tools as a form or monitoring service levels, running historical data, or measuring data for business and individual goals. Both applications are loaded and available for use on everyones computer, however there is an insignificant amount of training to utilize these tools to its full potential. Based on my knowledge of the two systems, I use one of the databases to run log in log out reports, and I use the other database to run how many calls an agent took in one hour but both of these reports can be ran through each database system. CC Analyzer & CentreVu Supervisor can perform 87% of same functionalities but due to lack of training and “Learn as you go” on the job, most of these tools will never be used for its complete intended use. Based on feedback from other

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