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The opening of the 21st century arrived with an economic limp. Dragging behind it a spirit squeezed by imploded exuberance, the economy led some to give up on change and growth. Companies cut new programs, pulled out of or shut down corporate ventures, retrenched and played it safe. Yet, simmering barely beneath the surface we can see powerful drivers of change and growth still at work, building pressure for the next upswing in the megacycles of economy.

We never had a “New Economy”; we had an evolving innovation economy. Surviving and prospering, calls for a sound grasp of the drivers of change. The fact that there has never been a “golden company” that consistently beat the market is due to differing principles under which capital markets and corporations operates. Markets, built on the assumption of “discontinuity” enable, manage and control the process of creative destruction by encouraging new entrants that produce superior results and value by “remorselessly” replacing weak performers that consume wealth. This process is has always been at the heart of capitalism, but the pace of change is accelerating to the extent that we have entered what Peter Drucker calls the Age of Discontinuity.

Organizations in todays hypercompetitive world face the paradoxical challenges of “dualism”, that is, functioning efficiently today while innovating effectively for tomorrow. The purpose of this case study is to analyze, understand and prepare strategies to overcome the impacts and implications of introduction of the $15 PC by Rolltronics towards my Computer firm named Company X by using the Theory of Disruptive Technology and Innovative Management.

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