Enhancing Graduate Intention Towards Entrepreneurship
Essay Preview: Enhancing Graduate Intention Towards Entrepreneurship
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ARTICLE 1: ENHANCING YOUNG GRDAUATE INTENTION TOWARDS                     ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA.What is the article about?This article is talked about how government try to enhance young graduate intention towards entrepreneurship development in Malaysia mainly in agriculture sector. It is because they see this sector provide a great opportunity for Malaysia to groom this industries because it may be a good source of income to their economic growth. They target graduate because this new generation will be able to bring new idea and technology that will help to growth the sector. To support this approach government start to entrepreneurial education since primary school up to university level. Government not only depend 100 percent on entrepreneurial education but also develop a program and courses that will groom the graduate mind to entrepreneur. This is where the creation of Basic Entrepreneurial Program introduce in Malaysia. They hoping this program help and enhancing the graduate intention towards entrepreneurship. What is the purpose of the study?The purpose of this article is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Basic Student Entrepreneurial Program (BSEP) among local university graduate who have undergo the training program in the entrepreneurship development and determine factor that influence graduate towards involved in agriculture entrepreneurship.How was the study conducted?This research is employ the Theory of Planned Behavior which is explain on individual intention to perform behavior and it will tested 3 hypothesis that create in this study.The study was conducted using a sample of 410 students from different higher educational institution in Peninsular Malaysia which already attended the Basic Student Entrepreneurial Programme (BSEP). The list of the participant was obtained from the database of the National Institution of Entrepreneurship (INSKEN). The sample was come from 4 region which is central, northern, and southern and east coast region of Peninsular Malaysia. All student that be chose in this study is a Malay native who already graduate or final year Bachelor’s degree student who have attended the BSEP program before. The studies data was be gather from February 2011 to June 2011. The response rate of this study is 100 percent because it use personal interview to acquire all desired data.What is the research method used?For this study, they are using a survey method because they just want the data from part of an individual unit of the student that studies in Peninsular Malaysia. One structured questionnaire was used to gather the information from the participant that will capture the perception and opinion on the BSEP program.

There are 73 statement that formulate for this studied. All of this statement having related to entrepreneurship, agriculture entrepreneurship and the BSEP program. As a response for the statement that they formulated the response was in Likert-scale 1 to 7 which represent 1 for strongly disagree to 7 which strongly agree. For this study they are using quantitative method research method.How are the data analysed?All the data that collected from the studies were analysed using the descriptive analysis and the chi-square analysis. The descriptive analysis use to describe the respondent profile and their perception that the sample response towards the questionnaire towards entrepreneurship education. Meanwhile the chi-square analysis use to uncover the relationship between the selected demographic factors of participant which is regional distribution of the participant, family member involve in entrepreneurship and education background with the entrepreneurship education. What are the findings?Under the descriptive analysis, the finding of this studies show that more than 97 percent of respondent have a positive view towards Basic Student Entrepreneurial Program that indicate the success of this program. It is because it help to enhance and develop interest of the young graduate to have intention to be an entrepreneur. It is because graduate who have be expose to the entrepreneurship education and programmer will  create their attention to be entrepreneur and most likely will start their own business compare to the others student. Only 2.7 percent of student unable to change their attention towards entrepreneurship and depend on the job that offer by the government or the private sector. The different should not give a huge negative impact because it is too small but it show that not all participant have a positive perception towards the Basic Student Entrepreneurship Programmed that is create for them.

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