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Everything that occurs in the universe is determined by previous causes and controlled by the laws of nature. Humans are pre-programmed and pre destined. We are permissive creations to the greater power of the creator. We cannot be held accountable for our diseases and misfortunes.

The purpose of human existence is to serve a greater, larger plan. Man has progressed from the Stone Age to the technology stage. He is fulfilling an ulterior purpose. God has crafted each one of us with a particular job. This job serves an eternal law. This means that human nature is created in a way to comply with this divine plan.

The variations in human nature, as per potential and abilities, qualify each person for a different goal. The intellects of a physician are different form those of a farmer or a plumber. However, the physician is serving a purpose not anymore important than a plumber. All are working collaboratively to maintain the productivity of a society. We all follow a particular order to finish a bigger picture.

How can this system work infallibly? Who has the force, the power, and the knowledge to determine what is necessary for all creations? Who can do this but “ALMIGHTY, AND ALL KNOWING”?

An individual does not have to have a personal face-to-face encounter with

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