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Why Are We Here
Essay title: Why Are We Here
The purpose of a college education seems to be to ensure the survival of a generation. It has been drilled into grammar school children’s heads until they were in their senior year of high school. Without a college education they will not be able to succeed and will not be able to make a life for themselves. This college education will ensure their survival in a growing country where academics will determine the type of person you will be.

The goals of a university should be to make sure that their students graduate with well rounded courses under their belt. If a dance major was only permitted, and allowed to take only dance courses in college, their education would be a waste, and they would never be able to expand to a different career choice. God forbid, they want to become an English major in their Senior year of college; they would have no English background, not even a general education requirement of English 101, nor a History class that may have possibly taught them how to write a research paper. They would need to spend another $40,000 on a college education that they believed would prepare them for their future.

A student should want to be well rounded in their education despite their personal goals in

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