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Today in class we saw a movie called finding Forrester it was a very interesting movie about living in a black society and having a talent for writing. This guy lives in New York and goes to a public school; he is on the basketball team and has many friends. But he does seem to be hiding something, when his mom goes to the school for a reunion they tell her that her son has had amazing test results but she had no idea about that as she never sees him worried about school or anything close she only sees him playing basketball with his friends all the time but she does notice that many times she has seen him writing un some journals and he also reads a lot of books.

Where he plays basketball with his friends there is an apartment building, and at the top corner there Is a little window where there is always a man watching them. They always talk about that man and come up with myths about what may go on up there. But they have no idea how he really is or even what he looks like. Later on they make a bet for him to go up there and see what he has in his apartment. He takes the bet as he sees he has no other option and while he is in there he is amazed, he sees books and books and books. He loved to read as does he. And as he is browsing around the man pops out of nowhere and scares him.. He runs off but leaves his back pack behind. After some days the man throws the backpack out the window to the boys feet. As he is at home he is looking to see that all his things are there but when he looks at his journals which he had filled them all up with writing he sees that the man had gone through all his things and corrected all of his writing mistakes. The boy goes back to the man and asks him to please keep teaching him and correcting him on his writing , at first the man is stubborn to help but after he sees that the boy wont give up he finally gives in. the boy goes to th mans apartment everyday and the man gives him tips and advice and helps him use his soul to write and not his brain.

Later in the dads at school they call him and his mom back down to the principals office there is a man from a private school, a very important, expensive and good one. He tells him his offer and the boys mom is very excited but she cant take the offer because she doesnt have money but the man from the school tells them that they wont have to pay a thing. They really wanted the boy at their school because he had amazing scores and was very intelligent. The boy thinks about it and goes to the school the next day. He sees how everything is so much different, the people, the way of teaching, the teachers, everything. The next day he goes again to the school, because he was going to try out for basketball. There is a guy that thinks he is way better than he is, he tries to show off and show everyone that he is always going to be better than any black kid from a public school. But he is showed wrong, the boy is very good

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