State Issue That Directly Affects Public Policy Pertaining to the Criminal Justice System
Prison Term Policy        In this paper will be about a state issue that directly affects public policy pertaining to the criminal justice system. The issue and related policy will be address to following points in this analysis. The problem is the different policy recommendations in the prison system today. The policy recommendations will include briefing notes, with in-depth analysis of the options involved within the policy. Key terms will be discussed within the policy, giving terminology which will be simple for all to comprehend. Policy recommendation can be valued as sound a sound policy or can be dismissed as in favor of another preference. The recommendation will stand or be dismissed depending on how well the issues when argued or justified. (Doyle, (2008) The policy recommendation is structured in a standard form. Formats vary from jurisdiction to jurisdictions, but all have common features. The issue at hand is addressed and a decision is formed to ensure a decision has been made. One or more recommendation is made in reference to the issue at hand. Between the issue of the policy and the recommendations, comes an analysis of the policy. Problem solving is the answer to the policy, so therefore, can be simply carried out with easy solutions. The issues are addressed and a course of action is put in place. The wording in the policy can be presented in a direct way or in an indirect way, depending on how well the issues need to be clarified, along with the key terms within the policy (Doyle, (2008). Find Law (Find Law, 2008) defines robbery as theft/larceny of property or money through the defender’s use of physical force or fear against a victim. When a deadly weapon is used such a gun and a victim suffers harm, the crime becomes armed robbery. The robber would be charged as armed or aggravated. Armed robbery is somewhat different from burglary because the situation will always be called for a victim who has harmed physically, emotionally, or threatened by the use of deadly and dangerous weapon. Individuals who commit these crimes cause threat or harm to the community. People who are law abiding citizens should be allowed to rest assuring the streets are free from individuals who have committed crimes such as armed robbery and other felony crimes. A violator who has committed felony crimes previously should be punished much harshly than the times before. According to the criminologist, the punishment which a violator commits should be greater than the crime which was committed. The following recommendation for the prison term policy for an individual who has committed armed robbery is as follow: Every individual is a repeat violator of an armed robbery will do a maximum sentence of 10-20 years. Along, with the 10-20 years, 10 -15 years of probations will be added. The violator will be responsible for paying a restoration fee, doubling the severity of the damage done. Along with paying a restoration fee, the violator will be expected to subdue to a monthly drug screen.

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