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Solution Proposed by CVSThe new fulfilment process rolled out toall locations in latter half of 2002 is shown below in Figure 1. It differed from previous process in 3 major ways:Data entry for each script was done at drop-off while the customer was still presentDrug utilization review was folded into the QA process conducted by the pharmacist after the script is filled.Box holding the scripts was replaced by online virtual queue showing all remaining scripts; screen showing this queue could be displayed in all workstations in the pharmacy[pic 1]Figure 1: Revised Flow for CVS Prescription fulfilment process“have you changed jobs? Is this your correct date of birth? Have you moved” the time to answer these types of questions is when the customer is standing right there. This was not taken advantage of in the old system – customers were let out of the door and later they needed to call them to know this information. Most of the questions needed to ask, came up during the insurance check happening after DUR in old process. The insurance check needed to be moved up after data entry so that customers can be asked questions face to face if there were any insurance issues. The pharmacy information system screen just needed to change order of few screens. But it was a big change for a lot of people. They thought the one way, CVS guaranteed safety was by making sure that nothing happened until DUR was done. The PSI team ensured that QA step was the most natural place for DUR, when pharmacist focuses attention on safe and precise filling of prescriptions. After pilots, pharmacists saw the benefits of addressing all safety issues from one workstation. PSI team used interviews, videos from the pharmacies to persuade and convince people. They did full day sessions with pharmacy supervisors where they walked them through problem and solution. At the end, they were all on board. The company rolled out the changes methodically according to a firm timetable. They started with locations where the supervisors themselves worked, so they could learn how to introduce the changes. Then these supervisors were made to travel throughout their territory to propagate new ways of working. Before PSI, customer score for pharmacy wait time was 76 out of 100, afterward it was 86 out of 100. Overall satisfaction improved to 91 from 86. A real decline in complaints was a big gain of the new process.

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